Stroller Time Is The New Naptime

For the record, Felicia essentially stopped taking naps back in February. It was a series of developments, really …. first we gave up the pacifier (accidentally, when I forgot to take it to Grandee & Grandpa’s house for an extended stay). She handled that pretty well, but the ensuing restlessness of sleeping without it resulted […]

Where Are The Horses?

There is no shortage of horses in our lives, although they are mostly stuffed and plush, and often alive only on the TV screen. Felicia has developed her sister’s love of — or perhaps it’s an obsession for — horses.

Since we live in the middle of the city, there are no horses in our […]

Busy Martin-Keller Grandmas

It’s time to celebrate our grandparents! Actually, our girls are very lucky that they get to see all three sets of grandparents very often, sometimes even in bunches. GrandMaMa & GrandPaPa have been in town this week, and Nana & Papa arrive on Friday.

Over the last few days, we’ve discovered that Nana (aka Jan […]

Happy Easter … Welcome to Spring

We’re happy to present the traditional Easter picture with Kiana, taken on the traditional bench (or at least the same bench as last year) at Campbell United Methodist Church.

Felicia & Jocelyn’s dresses are matching white polka dots, but with different base colors.You can’t see it, but they’ve also got matching hair scrunchies, […]

Hungry Sheep Threaten Soccer

Karen and the girls were at Hidden Villa earlier today with Jenni, Ange, and Kiana. The working farm hosts a big collection of cows and sheep.

Felicia: “Where are the sheep?” Mommy: “They are probably out in the meadow.” Felica: “Why?” Mommy: “So they can have a nice yummy grass snack.” Felicia: “Why?” Mommy: […]

My Horse Flash

We had to do a report on animals in 2nd grade.

Click here to read it: My Horse Flash.

Keller Cousins for Spring Break

Our own “Spring Break” doesn’t start until next week, but we got a head start on the fun when the Vancouver Kellers stopped by for most of the weekend.

Camden and Brayden played all over and around our house, including a walk to our favorite neighorhood watering hole … Elva’s Coffee Stop. Everyone dressed […]