Look Out! They’re Driving!

Yeah, right. But the shared delight on their faces in this picture from Great America earlier today was awesome! That’s Jocelyn doing most of the driving in the Kiddie Bumper Car ride.

For fun, we took a similar picture in 2005. Felicia skipped the ride in the Summer of 2006, perhaps fearing for […]

Creamy Felicia Goodness

We could tell you the full story … or you could just look at this picture, which was taken about 30 minutes after we’d thought Felicia had fallen asleep.

She did finally call out to us, which is when I discovered the fun she’d been having … but I think she only yelled because […]

Felicia’s Pig Won Twice

Say what you want about Pig Racing, but Felicia certainly likes it … especially after our visit to the Placer County Fair on Friday in Roseville with Grandee & Grandpa.

We did lots of fun things at this kid-sized fair, including a train ride, a tiger show, a pretend farm, lots of cows […]

Horse Camp with Dylan & Kaitlyn

Jocelyn spent her first free week of the summer with her good friend Kaitlyn at a half-day horse camp in southern Almaden Valley. She rode “Dylan” all week, and got to know the “pretty boy” horse pretty well. As part of the camp, the girls did chores (food, grooming, shoveling …), and took care […]

Acrostic Father’s Day

Following just a few weeks after our Acrostic Mother’s Day, Jocelyn gave me my acrostic Father’s Day card. It was equally cool:

F – Forgiving A – Awsome T – Talented (so was Mommy! ;-)) H – Helpful E – Exciting R – Rare

Plus, I got some extra artwork, including a “#1 […]

End of School Beach Trip

After the last bell on the last day of school on Thursday, we headed for the beach!

Since the last day of school ended at 11:32 (?), we grabbed our friend Annie and her mom and went to Harbor Beach in Santa Cruz. All three girls enjoyed the waves and some major sandcastle building, too! […]

Thank You, Mr. Martinez!

Of course, it seems like it was just yesterday that we started Second Grade … Although it ended today, we had a great time in our second grade class at Booksin Elementary School this year!

We were very lucky to be in Mr. Martinez’s class! Today was our last day of school this year, and […]

Kiana’s In The Society Pages

It may not be our family’s first appearance in our weekly neighborhood newspaper, and it may not even be the first this month … but it is the first time Jocelyn, Karen, and Kiana have all been in the newspaper together!

Although taken in March, the pictures didn’t get published until just this week. You […]

Jocelyn’s First Scrabble Match

Karen and Jocelyn played their first game of Scrabble earlier tonight. We acquired our first edition of the game this morning, while shopping for a birthday present for a friend. Guess what she got, too!?

Anyway, here’s a picture of the finished game board. Karen did technically win, mostly because she played ruthlessly. As […]