Now Entering Third Grade

The rest of the family dropped Jocelyn off at school this morning, on her first day as an official Third Grader at Booksin School!

We had a harrowing finish to the summer, as Jocelyn recovered from a flu bug just in time to make it for the actual first day of school.

Felicia has two […]

Ice Cream Specials Returns for 2007

Last year, Jocelyn put together an “Ice Cream Stand” on the weekend before school started to welcome everyone back for the summer and to raise a little money for Second Harvest Food Bank.

Ice Cream Specials

This year, she did it again — with Felicia’s help and a new non-profit recipient …..

Jocelyn […]

GrandPaPa’s Birthday

To celebrate GrandPaPa’s birthday today, the girls joined him for a Back-to-School shopping spree at Children’s Place at Oakridge. Just in case he didn’t really want that for his birthday, the girls also made him a special card — and GrandMaMa helped the girls try on clothes.

Jocelyn and Felicia each got a new outfit, […]

Summing Up the Turkey Experience

Well, I’ve been back almost three weeks, and I guess I can’t blame my tragically busy life on my vacation anymore. But if you are a relative, a preschool parent, a neighbor, or a website client, I promise to call you, organize preschool billing, mow my lawn, and update your website sometime this week. At […]

Tired of Roller Coasters?

Well, not exactly. These pictures were taken today at Great America, which marked our third local theme park visit in ten days.

We sandwiched a visit to Bonfante Gardens (now Gilroy Gardens) on Monday in between two visits to Great America, one last week.

The picture with Felicia looks a little more topsy-turvy […]

No More Deep Yogret

Oh well. It was fun while it lasted.

Yesterday in the car, Felicia declared that she will no longer be saying “You are in deep yogret” when someone does something she doesn’t like. Mostly she puts Jocelyn in “Deep Yogurt” as a result of something annoying that her sister has done.

This phrase comes […]

Pajaro Dunes Beach Trip

While I was traveling in the end of July, the Martin-Keller women joined Aunt Jenni & Kiana for a long weekend at Pajaro Dunes.

They rented a condo near the beach and had several grate days of fun in the sun. I am sure that they had a great time. Of course, I’m mostly […]