Ice Cream Specials Benefits RotaCare

Jocelyn and her friends — with a little help from Felicia — completed their second Ice Cream Specials fund raiser earlier in August, raising $98 to benefit the Washington School RotaCare medical clinic in San Jose. As a token of appreciation, the clinic presented both girls with certificates after giving them a tour of the […]

Big Chomp from SJ Sharkie

On Friday, the Daytime Trio took a rare evening out for themselves to attend the first preseason home game for the San Jose Sharks. Felicia, Jocelyn, and I went to the game while Karen was at a “purse party” across town.

We had a great time, and Felicia did really well at her first full-length […]

Womens World Cup on the Plasma

No, we don’t actually have a plasma TV. Yet.

But Jocelyn has decided on her own that the fairies in our house do actually have their own plasma screen, and here they are watching the 2007 Womens World being played in China this month.

I’ve been watching some games live and taping the […]

Welcome Back for 3-Day Preschool!

She’s been counting the days (sort of), and Felicia returned to preschool today. She is very excited to see her “preschool friends” again and to play with Teacher Sharon, too.

Here she is finding her name tag all by herself. She’s in the purple group, and already seems to be completely back into the swing […]

The Summer of Luca

It’s been a nice, relaxing summer for our family, but it’s almost over. I’ve been calling this Felicia’s “Summer of Luca” because she’s spent a lot of time with her preschool friend.

Here he is following her down the river at Lincoln Glen Park (preschool friend Megan is right behind). Felicia and Luca found each […]

The Backgammon Flip

I haven’t been able to get a picture, but you’ll have to take my word for it: Felicia can do a somersault … only she calls it a “backgammon flip.”

This is probably due to my Treo game-playing addiction, which recently led Karen to give me an actual backgammon board game for my birthday. […]