Dogs & Cats Living Together

Happy Halloween from Ruff Ruffman and her sister Princess Blossom Pepper Doodle Von Yum Yum (aka “Blossom�).

Our family’s obsession with America’s only reality game show hosted by an animated canine continues this month, with these fabulous hand-made costumes inspired by FETCH! With Ruff Ruffman. As usual, Karen sewed the costumes from scratch, and I […]

Felicia’s First Earthquake

Felicia, Jocelyn, and I were home tonight, when a 5.6 earthquake struck, centered about 10 miles to our northeast. It was definitely Felicia’s first earthquake experience. While it was not Jocelyn’s first, it might be the first she remembers.

Felicia was in the upstairs bathtub, and Jocelyn was in the shower. The cats were the […]

Go Gooch!

This was kind of a fun coincidence.

The National Hockey League has been part of a “Hockey Fights Cancer” awareness project this month, so it’s allowed us to talk about pink-shaded cause marketing. In particular, Jocelyn has been interested in pink-based cancer awareness.

Simultaneously, we are cheering for the San Jose Sharks, who happen to […]

Photo from the Pumpkin’s Perspective

I can’t really compete with the artistically awesome photography regularly displayed on the Nashville Martins’ website, but sometimes I can pretend.

We spent Sunday evening carving pumpkins into Jack-o-Lanterns at Jenni, Ange, and Kiana’s house, and Jocelyn has gotten pretty good at creating her own designs.

Once she had finished carving out a […]

Pumpkin Parade at Uesugi Farms

That’s right … Uesugi. Anyone with preschoolers in San Jose has probably been to Uesugi Farms, THE standard for citified rural Pumpkin Patches.

Jocelyn has been several times (those of you with Flickr privileges can see what I mean), and now it’s Felicia’s turn.

Felicia’s preschool visited the huge pumpkin patch today, riding a Scarecrow […]

Kai & Jocelyn Inside

No matter how fuzzy the cell phone picture … and despite the bad pun in the headline …. There is no other way to describe this picture.

Jocelyn and Kai were part of third grade field trip to The Intel Museum earlier today. A bunch of her friends got an introduction to the history of […]

Felicia’s Holiday Mashup

Felicia’s comment at dinner tonight: “Maybe on the day after Halloween the Christmas guy will come and hide those eggs again.”

Halloween is Coming …

We visited a special pumpkin patch today, in preparation for Halloween!

Felicia and Jocelyn are smiling despite being threatened by a flying ghoul inside the Moreland Pumpkin Patch. The proceeds of this patch benefit the school’s educational foundation, which also happens to be a partner of my Rotary Club.

We’ll undoubtedly have more to say […]

Another 15 Miles for Jocelyn!

The 20th Annual Booksin Walkathon** wrapped up earlier today, and it was another great day for our local elementary school community! Here’s Jocelyn completing one of her laps alongside one of her best friends, Kaitlyn.

In addition to Jocelyn, Felicia also walked, recording three miles of her own (That’s Kaitlyn’s sister Madilynn joining her […]