Felicia’s First Earthquake

Felicia, Jocelyn, and I were home tonight, when a 5.6 earthquake struck, centered about 10 miles to our northeast. It was definitely Felicia’s first earthquake experience. While it was not Jocelyn’s first, it might be the first she remembers.

Felicia was in the upstairs bathtub, and Jocelyn was in the shower. The cats were the first to run for cover, and that seems to be Felicia’s big memory. She’s been wokring on other scientific theories since the quake:

“Our cats shaked all the houses and Booksin school!”

“A rat was stuck under our house and it shaked really hard the whole house. Then the street and all the people’s houses.”

Our house suffered no damage, aside from some crooked pictures and some falling charms from our printers rack. In truth, Felicia has been demonstrating the shaking for the last few minutes on anything she can move, perhaps doing more damage than the original temblor.

We’re all fine, by the way.