Are ‘Birds & Bees’ Pulling the Sleigh…?

No, it’s not something cute that Felicia said, it’s much more important … It’s “code” for two classic parental predicaments that might strike in the same month:

We have ventured perilously proximate to the bewitching hour for these two of life’s big topics. Queries on both topics have emerged periodically from the elder sibling, and […]

Keller Cousins for Thanksgiving

We’re spending Thanksgiving in Roseville, where Uncle Geoff and his family have joined Grandee & Grandpa for the weekend.

Felicia, Brayden, Camden, and Jocelyn have been having a great time climbing on playgrounds, scootering along the sidewalks, playing computer games, and helping with the cooking.

We almost didn’t get together for the holiday, as Grandpa’s […]

Grandparents Day for Kiana

Look at that Turkey!

Kiana invited me to be her “special person” at her Kindergarten class’ “Grandparent Day” celebration today, and Felicia joined me for our fun visit to Carleton School.

We got to watch some singing performances, make a hand-in-hand craft project, and play on the playground. We also got to meet some of […]

Mourning the Passing of the Passat

“Good-bye and good riddance to the Passat” Karen’s original title

Well, the Passat served me well for 7 years. But, over the last several weeks there has been one issue after another. I borrowed Mom and Dad’s hybrid Excape for a couple of weeks. Then I borrowed Ange’s Hybrid Civic for a couple of weeks. […]

Jesse Bear & Otis Tag Team

We’ve had friends from preschool visiting our house this week, but we’re not talking about actual friends. Felicia has been playing host to Jesse Bear and Otis over the past few days.

Jesse Bear is the main character in Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?. Otis is the super-clean pig in the book by […]

Uncle Timmy’s Conference in SJ

We’ve been enjoying an extra special treat this week … a visit from Uncle Timmy. We’d like to thank the rest of the Nashville Martins, who have graciously allowed their dad to come out West for a few days. Mostly he’s attending a conference hosted in downtown San Jose, but he’s been joining us for […]

The Inter-Planetary Birthday Celebration

In honor of her ninth birthday actually falling on a Saturday, Jocelyn wanted to host a party that would really be unique.

She invited enough friends to represent each of the planets, added a sister and a cousin, and she had her own birthday solar system. In addition to having her friends design and […]

Nine: The Year of the Wildcat

Happy Birthday, Jocelyn!

My tradition of giving Jocelyn a stuffed animal that represents the past year continued with today’s birthday gift: I’ve dubbed 2007 The “Year of the Wildcat” … although perhaps technically I gave her a plush cheetah.

This year’s selection was a very easy choice, combining our total obsession with High School Musical […]

Gopher Snakes & Preschoolers

Felicia’s preschool class spent the morning at the Youth Science Institute at Sanborn Park, above Saratoga. The gang from SJPPNS got to see and touch a number of small animals, including a toad, a tarantula, and newt.

Actually, Felicia didn’t want to touch any of the animals, no matter how many times we encouraged her. […]