Away in a Manger

We had many to choose from, but the official 2007 Christmas Carol gift to Mommy is “Away in a Manger,” as chosen by the girls themselves. For the traditional ornament, Jocelyn made the Baby Jesus in swaddling clothes herself!

We had many options available to us, especially with Felicia’s recent obsession with “Up on […]

Dear Santa … in cursive!

It’s exciting for two reasons … this is Jocelyn’s first all-cursive formal letter … and she’s written it to Santa!

A few days ago, we discovered the NORAD Santa Tracking website, which has provided lots of excitement — not to mention independent verification — about the science of Santa. Jocelyn has enjoyed following the Google-powered […]

Holiday Postcard — Super Fancy Online Edition

Celebrating Bookin‘s “Family Fun Night” in June Nana‘s Birthday in March The Placer County Fair in Roseville in July. Vancouver Kellers visited for Spring Break in April Halloween with Blossom and Ruff Ruffman Looking for the Stories behind these pictures? Here they are. Fighting Fires in Milwaukee for Independence Day The Keller Girls […]

Tonight’s Prayer from Felicia

Felicia often wants to “join in” when I lead a prayer before dinner. Tonight, she was particularly passionate about a few things:

Thank You for People Thank You for God Thank You for Jesus Christ Thank You for the Grinch And for the People who saw the Grinch And Thank You for Songs.

Felicia’s Day With the Sharks

The San Jose Sharks played a rare matinée game this afternoon, battling the evil Dallas Stars in a daytime hockey game at San Jose Arena. It was the perfect opportunity to take Felicia to a game!

We had a great time, and she really enjoyed dancing to the music and watching the game. Although, she […]

C is for feliCia .. and Christmas

With the arrival of the holidays, Felicia has finally been getting into the art projects at our SJPPNS preschool. Today she made a Christmas ornament, and insisted that it was four our outside tree … placed in the front yard in true Willow Glen Charlie Brown fashion.

She also insisted that the “C” shape of […]

Advent Adventures with Chocolate

We love the advent calendars, and our collection continues to grow each year.

As calendars and numbers come into focus for Felicia, she’s become excited by advent calendars, too. At a party earlier this week, someone gave our girls one of those candy treat advent countdowns. The package is sufficiently unlike all of the other […]

SORRY! … Oh, Sorry

Felicia has been absolutely desperate this week to play board games. Every game we own has been spread around the upstairs loft at one time or another over the last few days … even the ones she has no chance of being able to play.

While she can compete in Candyland, Chutes & Ladders, and […]

Roku Saves Christmas … Music

Music is a big deal in this house, and Christmas Carols are even more important — and a lot more prevalent this time of year.

With Christmas music — as with a lot of our other musical genres — individual CDs can be in such heavy rotation that you’d expect them to disintegrate in the […]