Extra “Leap Day” With Felicia Was *AWESOME*

Alright … I have to admit something. Today wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. It was a second Friday in a row that I had cobbled together the logistics to support a day snowboarding in Tahoe — and it was the second Friday in a row that my plans fell apart just minutes before departure.

After gushing over my incredible day snowboarding with Jocelyn a few weeks ago, I have to profess …. My day with Felicia today was equally awesome. After I convinced her that we really weren’t going to see Grandee & Grandpa — or the snow as planned — we had a great time playing games and hanging out. We ate bananas on our walk home from school, we made lunch together (Mac & Cheese out of a cardboard box), we joked around with creative word play, and we watched most of the Sharks hockey game in Detroit. It was really great!

And even though she did insist that we play with our pretend snowboard mountain and resort gondola, she did allow me to listen to “Daddy Music” from Sacramento’s KWOD (my new favorite station, thanks largely to internet radio). We even danced to a little Gnarls Barkley.

And to cap it all off, her favorite Sharks player (Devin Setoguchi) scored twice — including the game winner — and was the “First Star” of the game.

I’d have to vote for Felicia as my First Star of the day today!