Happy Birthday, Vancouver Cousins!

All right. We are admittedly a little late here, but it’s not like we get to have breakfast with Camden & Brayden everyday.

In fact, we did have a pancake breakfast on Sunday, celebrating Brayden’s sixth birthday (last week) and Camden’s ninth birthday (from February). Of course, we joined the Vancouver Kellers for brunch at […]

Easter Dresses & Flowers

The California Cousins celebrated Easter today at church, followed by brunch at our house. Here they are preparing to add flowers to the cross in the courtyard at church beforehand.

We also spent a big chunk of time at our new favorite weekend spot, Panera … it’s possible this was our third day in […]

Picture Day for Leprechauns & Bunnies

First things first … that’s a picture of Felicia celebrating her haul after Wednesday’s SJPPNS Easter Egg Hunt. We had fabricated 24 beaded necklaces that we stuffed in eggs, and all of her other friends were equally creative. Fun was had by all.

But … you try explaining the Easter Bunny to a four-year-old … […]

Four Years: Dancing & Swimming

OK, so we’re a little bit late on this … Felicia’s birthday was in January. Oops.

The Keller Sisters probably have/had a lot more in common when they were each four-years-old, but here’s a fun comparison, focusing on two of their many extracurricular activities.

Ignoring the camera quality differences that five years can […]

Jocelyn as Mildred talking about Helen

HelenKeller Originally uploaded by dhkeller

This is video of Jocelyn appearing as Mildred Keller, telling the life story of Helen Keller. Are you with me?

In late February, Jocelyn did an oral presentation for her monthly Book Report, as part of Mrs. Hays 3rd Grade biographical television show. All of the members of her […]

Felicia & Super K Snowboard

There they are, each strapped in to a snowboard for their first time!

Ange & Kiana joined us for a few days in Tahoe, so we just had to drag Kiana to Soda Springs for a little practice sliding downhill on the single plank. For the record, Felicia’s on a 90cm, and Kiana’s riding […]

Parent-Child Basketball Game

To wrap-up this year’s season of Upward Basketball, Jocelyn’s team participated in a little parent-child scrimmage earlier tonight, with Daddy playing guard for the Washington Generals. Here’s a picture of Jocelyn driving the lane for an easy two points against her father.

Yes, I am wearing a soccer jersey in this picture and breathably-thin,running […]

Princesses Natalee, Kate, and Felicia

Felicia and Karen joined some preschool friends and their families for an afternoon at “Disney on Ice: Princess Wishes,” skating around the ice at San Jose Arena.

Meanwhile, Jocelyn and David spent the afternoon at The Tech Museum downtown. Once everyone was finished, our family linked back up for dinner at Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria.


Amusing June At the Boardwalk

Karen and the family acted as guides this afternoon, touring the Santa Cruz Beach 7 Boardwalk with one of Karen’s supply chain vendors who was visiting from the Philippines.

Although we couldn’t convince June to take any rides, the rest of the family did get to take one spin on one ride.

Guess […]