Book Report in Four Parts

It turns out that even the American elementary tradition of the “diorama” has evolved over the years. This morning, Jocelyn is submitting her Book Report “Quadrarama” to her third grade teacher. It’s a pyramid-shaped 3-D portrayal of scenes from three different books, plus a fourth autobiographical corner.

Last night, we took pictures of the project, […]

Tale of Two Jambas

While celebrating Grandee’s birthday on Friday, everyone got a little bit of what they needed …

I got to sneak in one last day of snowboarding at SugarBowl for the season, Grandee got to spend her birthday with Felicia, Grandpa got the day off, and Felicia got to go to Jamba Juice afterall.

Although […]

Twittering: First Round – Game 7

Well, that was a huge relief. The Sharks won.

It’s been called the greatest moment in sport, and everyone dreams of scoring the winning goal in the mythical Seventh Game. While no one from our family would be on the ice for yesterday’s Game Seven, I was plenty nervous enough. I did everything I could […]

And Then, Karen Turned 40

Ssshhhh … Actually, it was fairly low-key this past weekend — if you don’t count all of the Twitters I kept sending — but Karen is 40. It happened quietly on Friday, and we had a number of fun activities, including brunch on Saturday, a visit from Grandpapa & Grandmama, and dessert at Willow Glen […]

Her Singing Is Awesome, Too

Felicia-AwesomeGod Originally uploaded by dhkeller

This week’s church service featured the CUMC “Littlest Angels” up front to sing a song in front of the whole congregation.

Felicia’s voice was quite strong, and we think she got most of the hand motions correct, as well.



Felicia Feeds ‘Little Bob’

Friday featured a preschool field trip to the SJPD Horse Stables, which are located right in the middle of town, about ten minutes from our house.

This is a picture of Felicia feeding Officer Ernie’s horse Little Bob. In an amusing coincidence, both Officer Ernie and ‘Bob Jr’ — same horse, two names — were […]

Ted Intravia, 1919-2008

One of our beloved neighborhood institutions passed away in his sleep Saturday morning. Ted Intravia was 89.

From the very first day we arrived in our house, Ted has been a significant part of our home life.


Video: Junior Scouts on the Bridge

Here’s something new: Video! I don’t know if it’s exactly what I want, but Flickr has added video uploads and sharing this week. By coincidence, I have recently acquired a Sony SR11 HD HDD camcorder. Then Jocelyn had her bridging ceremony from Brownies to Junior Girl Scouts on Monday.

The cosmic alignment is hard […]

And Felicia Takes the Lead …

Better late than never …

Felicia was one of the featured models in her preschool’s 2007-08 program brochure, which was released last Fall, but it took us a while to get our hands on the PDF. To be honest, you have to look closely. She’s riding a tricycle, looking over her shoulder in the lower […]