Today’s Random Tweets

fourth trip to Elementary School today … This one for Family Fun Night. # anothe digital still camera bites the dust. Fell out of my hand last night. Lens is toast. # family walk down Lincoln Ave: K’s shopping at Alta, J’s on floor reading, F’s playing in tri-fold mirror, I’m sipping Coffee …. […]

Today’s Random Tweets

@timpmartin probably not. The original ‘Soda Springs’ house sold for $490, so we’ll let these sellers find someone else for a few weeks. # @topix_sjsharks … uh oh Predator fans. SJ Sharks screw you again 😉 @timpmartin # @topix_nhl @edubya silly robot. # fancy new blog-post-to-Twitter feature doesn’t play nice with Flickr […]

Today’s Random Tweets

@joejchamberlain Welcome to Twitter 😉 # @lfletche … from Felicia: “I love you Grandee. And Grandpa I love you, too. I just love playing with you guys” # at Lincoln Glen Park. City crew is working on the creek drainage. big piles of sand and deep holes … almost cooler than the water feature […]

Daily Twitter Digest 2008-05-28

Karen’s coming home early tonight … she thought it was Monday! Serendipity!??! # attn Vera: when I said ‘Thursday’ I meant Thursday. I asked for 50, because I want 50. No, I don’t want the one you recommended. guess why # at Booksin for the big Third Grade singing extravaganza. Who needs video? # […]

Daily Twitter Digest 2008-05-27

just signed a purchase offer for a cabin at Serene Lakes. Who wants a share? 🙂 # @fuelfrog 256.5 4.259 12.272 # @fein friend of mine (frmr exec at RottenRobbie) tells me they are *still* losing money at that price. indies are being slaughtered # Predictable: Butterfly Habitat caterpillars emerged from cocoons with us […]

Everything in the World

Overheard during today’s massive Monday/Tuesday errand-running:

Felicia: “I want to do everything in the world.”

David: “That’s great. What do you want to do first?”

F: “I don’t even know … How can I do it all?”

D: “Well, you just have to get started.”

F: “But Daddy, how will I get the astronaut clothes?”


Twitter Updates for 2008-05-26

leaving damp and rainy Donner Summit. 40F … Gonna swing through Tahoe City for lunch and stuff, then back to the Summit on the way home # Rosie’a Cafe in Tahoe City stops serving breakfast at 2:30 …. Hurry! #

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Snow? On Memorial Day?

KellerGirlsSled Originally uploaded by dhkeller

Yes. Snow. Here we all are enjoying the unpredictable weather of May in the Sierras, along the shores of the Serene Lakes near Donner Summit. The temperature on Sunday morning topped out at 42F, so jackets were required.

On the bright side, the snow play was fabulous, including snowball […]

Twitter Updates for 2008-05-24

just put air in the Volvo tires for the big wknd …. also using @fuelfrog to watch mpg # to Tahoe for two days … only leaving 14 later than planned! # @jfouts I *just* started playing with (mt) … really impressed so far… but it’s only been 48 hours and my soon-2b-former host […]