Soccer Good Luck Charms Moving

In case you haven’t heard, our fabulous friends The Fuells are moving to Amsterdam in just a few days.

We will miss Kate & Ted for a lot of reasons:


  • Jocelyn and Kate met when they were three years old, in their SJPPNS 2-Day Class. The rest is history.
  • We’ve watched Ted grow from being quite small to being not so small.
  • Kate and Jocelyn have played soccer together on four different teams, and Ted squeezed into one co-ed season, too.
  • Center Stage Dance has seen the girls cast as St. Louis fairgoers, pineapple princesses, and even oysters … over several years dancing together.
  • When Felicia arrived, the Fuells hosted our baby shower and Kate & Ted have welcomed the little sister right into the activities without ever excluding her. Ever.
  • Their mom Ann has been there all the way, co-coaching soccer, hosting ski weekends at Sugar Bowl, emergency back-up babysitter, preferred hockey babysitter.
  • We’ve snowboarded/skied together, celebrated High School Musical together, and gone on countless FETCH Challenges together.
  • Dad Tony has wormed his way into numerous activities, too, including soccer games, backyard barbecues, famous Christmas Cookie Parties, and lots more.
  • Plus, we took them to the SJ Earthquakes soccer game tonight, and the Quakes posted their historic “first home victory” (of their latest reincarnation).
  • And Jocelyn’s been on the receiving end of the hand-me-down train, including the fleece she’s wearing in this picture.

But don’t worry … we’re going to swing through The Netherlands on our way back from Italy this summer, and spend a few days seeing Kate & Ted’s new home. Plus, I am serving as their webmaster for their Amsterdam weblog adventures.

These friendships will endure!

This picture is also available on Flickr.