Daily Twitter Archive: 2008-06-30

packing for Europe … repacking actually … “checked” bag now 47.5 lbs, “carry-on” bag now 38 lbs … third bag now “empty” # @timpmartin Yes 2. I was essentially dared. Karen wants to have one carry on just in case.. thus, the weight dilemma # @timpmartin Ambivalent. I am humbly following orders, but I […]

David Appears on Google Street View

It was certainly inevitable that the mobile cameras from Google’s Street View system would eventually get to our house. They did, and you can find us … if you know our address, of course 😉

Certainly the odds were against the picture being very interesting … and it is not. Although it is slightly out […]

Daily Twitter Archive: 2008-06-29

pre-Italy spa day… Kiana & Felicia here at Balloon Cuts while Karen – Jenni – Ange getting a manicure. J holding out for ChocMousse. # off to Campbell Farmers Market … corn anyone? # no technical difficulties … but I’ll be delay my start of the Euro Final until later this afternoon. # While […]

Daily Twitter Archive: 2008-06-28

doing the Friday night dinner out …. grabbing Subway for the kids and Aqui for grown-ups. then delivery to SJS&RC # @Dowbiggin If no luck at Farmers Mkt, try Ravizza’s on Minnesota … don’t know if they are still selling http://tinyurl.com/3zpbbo # ordering sandwiches is incredibly complex for my girls. But I’ve got the […]

Daily Twitter Archive: 2008-06-27

9yoJ has acquired a big sheet of cardbord and is designing a ‘play town’ … J: “If I make one every summer, pretty soon I’ll have a state” # @misfitmom Love in an Elevator or Working in a Coal Mine? 😉 # at AAA getting Intl Drivers Lic. … total scam … 13 mins […]

Daily Twitter Archive: 2008-06-26

back on the Centrifuge. F: “It’s fun to be squished, isn’t it?” # now enjoying the slowly spinning Sky Tower aka Swirling Dervish of Certain Death # totally random … just ran into my step sister Christina, who’s at GrtAmer today-tomorrow. Green and purple wonders, as @lfletche might say # and finally … dinner […]

Daily Twitter Archive: 2008-06-25

dinner with Nana & Papa … followed by cookies to mark Papa’s birthday later this month … # in the car .. Jocelyn is singing out loud to mp3 player Felicia and I can’t hear. F is singing along with J anyway # VBS pick-up … Kiana carpool drop-off … followed by Great America […]

Keller Cousins at Great America

Survivor Challenge Originally uploaded by dhkeller

We spent Wednesday afternoon at the Great America theme park, where we joined forces with the other Keller Cousins (continuing their vacation with Grandee& Grandpa.

Early on, I took Jocelyn and Camden on “Survivor: The Ride” and afterwards the kids tested their mettle on the three-way immunity challenge […]

Pope Papa I

With the calendar all messed up by travel and other assorted distractions, we decided to celebrate Papa’s Birthday this week (it’s possible we were actually observing Father’s Day … it wasn’t entirely clear).

The Girls made a birthday hat for him to wear, which he kept on for most of the night. Since our upcoming […]