Daily Twitter Archive: 2008-06-26

  • back on the Centrifuge. F: “It’s fun to be squished, isn’t it?” #
  • now enjoying the slowly spinning Sky Tower aka Swirling Dervish of Certain Death #
  • totally random … just ran into my step sister Christina, who’s at GrtAmer today-tomorrow. Green and purple wonders, as @lfletche might say #
  • and finally … dinner at Red Robin #
  • at Almaden Lake Park … Felicia managed to get out of the house with two shoes, but each is from different pairs. #
  • Forgot bathing suits … Pondering wearing clothes into the swim beach … #
  • gonna ride a paddle boat .. The girls of course think it’s no big deal … All of us in orange lifevests, and alas no camera #
  • paddle baot update: girls now passengers. Exclusively. 😉 #

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