Daily Twitter Archive: 2008-06-30

  • packing for Europe … repacking actually … “checked” bag now 47.5 lbs, “carry-on” bag now 38 lbs … third bag now “empty” #
  • @timpmartin Yes 2. I was essentially dared. Karen wants to have one carry on just in case.. thus, the weight dilemma #
  • @timpmartin Ambivalent. I am humbly following orders, but I fear the hair dryer will put us over the edge. #
  • @timpmartin 15 yrs of marriage and haven’t rid myself of it yet. For richer/poorer… Apparently I should have included for damper or drier #
  • @timpmartin we’ve got a dress or two with sensible shoes for both. Nothing super fancy #
  • can you get a decent hamburger in Italy? Lunch at Mojo Burger today just in case #
  • have been advised to take Ranch Dressing packets to Italy. Anyone got a good supplier? And TSA security issues? 🙂 #

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