Daily Twitter Archive: 2008-06-23

got tricked into a Martin Family Europe trip planning meeting … Fortunately we are at Aqui, where margeritas are ‘industrial strength’ # OK @aboretto and @misfitmom … What sort of meet-up is this? Really? 😉 isn’t it past Sweet Pea’s bedtime? lol #

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Driving on Water to Stay Cool

It was so hot this weekend — how hot was it? … It was so hot … that we decided to drive right into the water rather than cross the Benicia Bridge …

For sport, I enjoy trying to trick the Prius‘ on-board GPS navigational system with my superior knowledge of San Jose’s streets. I’ve […]

Daily Twitter Archive: 2008-06-21

in Roseville … Cousins have awakened … Grandchild-to-computer ratio already being reconfigured # @gskeller Dr Appt necessitated by arrival of nagging daughter-in-law. This post approved by @KarenMKeller. # Attn SanJoseTwits: stop complaining about heat. Here in Roseville, it’s like 124F. In the shade. Wind chill 118. Pool water: boiling # 1st Water Slide for […]

Daily Twitter Archive: 2008-06-20

J just completed 200yds Freestyle … 25y Butterfly … 50y Sidestroke … And she says: “I’m exhausted” # wearing my Turkish Natl Team jersey today! http://tinyurl.com/3p6ytc … my 2007 trip: http://tinyurl.com/46atvs # Girls seem to have discovered the joys of MP3 music on headphones … Daddy rediscovers live radio … will it last? *fingers […]

Tale of Two Swim Lessons

It’s been a busy two weeks of almost-daily swim lessons, as we get ready for our even-busier summer.

Today, Felicia even had two lessons! In the bigger picture, she’s riding the pink noodle with some classmates while Jocelyn finished 200 yards of freestyle swimming in the next lane.

The smaller picture is Felicia […]

Daily Twitter Archive: 2008-06-19

@jfouts – Yes! @WillowGlenExtra @CampbellRotary @CoffeeStop (sort of) pondering more for event bots. plus help others with profile settings # the SJS&RC swim lessons are ‘private’ for each girl again today. not too shabby, really # the last three posts on my timeline are all from Preschool Twits … I am so very *proud* […]

Daily Twitter Archive: 2008-06-18

@Edubya there’s a Chik-Fil-A in Roseville off Hwy 65. still time for dinner tonight if you hurry. # Happy 25th Anniversary @lfletche … !!!! # getting ready for the playdate this morning. Felicia woke up chanting “Tommy playdate! Tommy playdate!” # explaining the concept of a 25th Anniversary to 4yo. F: “wow, they must […]

Daily Twitter Archive: 2008-06-17

on our way to Elvas @CoffeeStop … Felicia wants to take the “short cut not the long cut” # about to watch ITA/FRA in Euro2008 … F:”Daddy, there’s a Stanley Cup in this game, too!” # hot, lazy afternoon … and the water features at Lincoln Glen Park are *off* …. c’mon City of […]

Daily Twitter Archive: 2008-06-16

we’re at Aqui (duh … think about it 😉 … It’s always seems to be empty the evening after DOTA, perfect for a calm Father’s Day dinner # @aboretto @misfitmom I’ve downloaded a copy and will be sure to show at the wedding ;-P # @Dowbiggin you have to go to their website and […]