Daily Twitter Archive: 2008-07-31

Felicia has fallen asleep on the floor of the loft. I don’t think it’s jet lag … We’ve spent all afternoon in the sun. # @smartinez71 … If only I could patent my awesome parenting techniques … but I’d probably actually need to know what I am doing 😉 # Safeway Radio Network is […]

Daily Twitter Archive: 2008-07-30

we were gonna have family dinner at PMH, but it’s make your own night and the line’s out the door. Now detouring to Willow St for takeout # @topix_nhl Thankful it wasn’t anyone from SJ … More reasons why AEG should be hated by sports fans everywhere … Good story, Tennessean # 4yoF (about […]

Daily Twitter Archive: 2008-07-29

upgrading family weblog to WP2.6 …. # @Edubya on behalf of dads of soon-to-be-10-yo girls … “gee, that’s a real shame” … # today’s Cucina Bambini menu: Chinese potstickers, rice, and fortune cookies # in today’s fortune cookies, Jocelyn wrote: “You are lucky” and “There’s a surprise waiting for you” … # In the […]

Daily Twitter Archive: 2008-07-28

@Edubya … how did you know? oh, coincidence # walking/biking/scootering downtown for dinner # We got one house walking/biking/scootering, then we were gonna walk/scooter/bike … Now we’re walkng/scootering. Maybe # Aqui staff just had to use the loudspeaker to announce someone’s order was ready. …. ahhh memories …. 😉 # @Dowbiggin we’re trying to […]

Help! Jocelyn’s Still Stuck in Italy!

It wasn’t quite as dramatic as my narrow escape from Canada — and actually she really liked it — but Jocelyn spent this morning at a local cooking camp learning to prepare reasonably authentic Italian cuisine. Clearly, the themes of our recent trip to Europe will pervade out entire summer.

She and her table mates […]

Daily Twitter Archive: 2008-07-27

@juliogarcia Do mosquitoes come with that? … first to make the joke? lame, I know … # Family dinner at Fresh Choice … followed by a visit to the Sprint Store! it’s between the Samsung Instinct and the Palm 800w … thoughts? # Family Jetlag Update: Felicia took unforced nap at 9:30 am; Jocelyn’s […]

Quakes Tie Despite Cute Outfit/Namecalling

First of all, you need to know that Felicia picked out her outfit all by herself this morning. She was personally very excited to go to the Earthquakes game today at Buck Shaw Stadium.

It’s also worth noting that she apparently agrees with commentator Jay Hipps, that there is no need to refer to the […]

Daily Twitter Archive: 2008-07-26

Jocelyn started Harry Potter 3 on Tuesday. Finished it an hour ago. #

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Daily Twitter Archive: 2008-07-25

Stay at Home Fatherhood: going to see Kit Kittridge movie (F&J with 4 friends). Dark Knight playing next door. only guy in theater. *sigh* # pre-movie previews: Hannah Montana advert …Traveling Pants movie … NOT my demographic #

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