(In)Famous Walking Tours

Of course, we did some walking on our European adventure. And some of it was quite memorable — but perhaps for wrong reasons. 😉

Roman Death March
As mentioned before, our jetlag experience in Rome resulted in an early early morning power stroll through Rome. All told, we walked more than 5.7 Km in search of touristy sites and breakfast. That’s 3.6 miles. With children. Demanding rest and/or food. Our course took us through Piazza Navona, to the Pantheon, to the Trevi Fountain, through a number of potentially-famous piazzas, to the Spanish Steps, back to the Trevi Fountain — all the while weaving unpredictably up and down allies in search of an open breakfast place..

Then we walked to the Colosseum, via some other famous stuff. Mercifully, we took the bus back to our apartment. Later, we we took another bus for our visit to the Vatican.

We had similar trouble in Siena, searching for the movie house that was showing the documentary about the famous Palio. We made a circle tour through town — Felicia was certain we’d visited all 14 contratas — swung past the famous Duomo, but then skipped El Centro to go see the movie, where we assumed there would be comfy seats. The seats were fine, and so was the movie. But we weren’t back in our car too long before even driving got a bit dodgy.

And then there was Venice, where our luggage-busting hikes were worthy of their own post.

Unfortunately, we found similar trouble in The Netherlands, venturing to a local Montessori School playground, playing small-sided football (soccer), strolling through the Vondelpark, and then back home before fixing dinner. Then there was the delightful walk through bucolic Giethoorn (Noord), which was painful even though it was cut short before we reached Zuid Giethoorn.

Armed with the knowledge and experience of these previous catastrophic “death marches,” we finally managed to avoided one last debacle by cutting short our walk through Edam and skipping the probably-closed Cheese Market (apparently only open on Wednesdays).