Daily Twitter Archive: 2008-08-26

  • Turns out Jocelyn’s class is a 4th-5th combo class. We think. Maybe. Mostly 4th. Curious. #
  • @timpmartin quite common at our school. We’ve managed to miss them so far. Most parents seem to hate it going in, but like it afterwards #
  • @fein Don’t Stop. by 4thGrade, first day back is old hat, so many other parents are living vicariously through you today. revel. #
  • @fein ahhh … nice Flickr pics … those were the days! my own flashback to 2004: http://tinyurl.com/5wwcdg #
  • oops. accidentally Twittered that last one from @WillowGlenExtra. bad, TwitterFox plugin … 😉 #

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