Daily Twitter Archive: 2008-09-30

sitting down at Opa! (new Greek restaurant in Downtown WG). kids instantly skeptical. stay tuned always PMH next door? # ordered Melitzanosalata (eggplant), chicken pita, Saganaki (flaming cheese), Avgolemono (lemon) Soup, and cheese slices from Pizza My Heart # Opa!: Chicken Pita includes fries loaded with Feta, but self-labeled “famous Opa dipping sauce” is […]

Daily Twitter Archive: 2008-09-29

@ryankuder Sweet Caroline or Cracklin Rosie? # Have added video of the SJPPNS marching unit http://tinyurl.com/4vu5kf (look in comments) # Hating KTEH-54. lame PBS station was to show premiere of FETCH! v3 this morning at 6:30, but instead did last year’s finale. KTEH sucks! # Girls and friends are here for FETCH! Premiere … […]

Ice Cream Into Books

Making good on their pledge to raise money for the newly reopened Willow Glen Library, Felicia and Jocelyn presented the $106 donation to Branch Manager Carol DaSilva today.

The funds were the result of our traditional Ice Cream Specials booth (both Part I and Part II).


Daily Twitter Archive: 2008-09-28

Party has moved to the Pe_ata Stage. … Ironically, little girls swinging away violently at Tinkerbell. # Twitter borked ‘pinata’ with tilde. looks right in my editor. weird. # @calipidder @dowbiggin last-minute pass on Quakes game. ;-( Tweets appreciated. # @calipidder the Quakes game notes said it’s this referee’s 6th MLS game. Rookie? # […]

Daily Twitter Archive: 2008-09-27

I’m at Stanford for a BAWSI.org Dads & Daughters event, including Tonya Antonucci from @womensprosoccer # About to take the bus to WG Founders Parade … 4yoF adamant that she will wear Tinkerbell gown like Daisy did in her parade. # Two parade units complete … Now to Soccer Pictures … Then a b-day […]

Community Parade for Everyone

Our neighborhood celebrated its community this weekend with its annual Founders Day Parade on Saturday. It’s a parade famous for more participants than viewers, which was certainly the case for our family.

Both Felicia and Jocelyn marched in separate units representing their schools, and there were even a few other units we could have been […]

Daily Twitter Archive: 2008-09-26

4yoF: “When we buy a new car, we have to give it to KTEH because on everything we watch they say that.” … Effective PBS advertising. thx # Northbound Hwy 87 at a total stand still at 280/680 # It was a grass fire right at Virginia. It’s out now #

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Daily Twitter Archive: 2008-09-25

4yoF craves grandparents: "Can we go to Roseville? Maybe GrandMama’s house? We haven’t been to Nana’s house in a while. Can I call Daisy?" # At preschool … Happy Birthday to @goldend329 … Your son Dillon says you are 39 ….! #

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Daily Twitter Archive: 2008-09-24

@calipidder Cops *are* technically exempt from hands free. but many jurisdictions have policies saying they shouldn’t talk while driving # Uh oh. This morning is featuring extra whine from 4yoF. Even ‘tired’ during dance class. Could be a long day # We love Miss Mary: "Oh I’m watching and *you* are dancing. Did you […]