Sports-Related GPS Picture Geekery

Palm800026On it’s face, a picture of your daughter and a good friend wrapped in a San Jose Earthquakes flag while watching an entertaining soccer match wouldn’t normally be fodder for a geeky discussion of photo-sharing geo-tagging. And it is a cool picture.

But the really cool thing is that I took this photo with my new Palm800w cell phone, and had the picture automatically geotagged by an awesome free plugin called GPSToday.

GPSToday gets my location from the GPS unit inside the phone and adds it to the EXIF data on the JPG file, and then the picture automatically shows up on the map when I upload it to Flickr.

But that’s not all of the fun. Ironically, Flickr got the global location right, but wanted to describe the location as “Downtown San Jose.” But in fairness to the fine folks at Santa Clara University’s Buck Shaw Stadium (where the Sj Earthquakes play for now), Flickr allowed me to teach it that the location should actually be known as Santa Clara.

Confused? Get your geek on and explore our family’s Flickr Map.