24+ Miles (Combined)

DSCF3120Sometimes when the girls participate on an activity, it’s hard to single out just one fantastic effort. Today was no exception, as the Booksin Walkathon (a whole-family effort to benefit Jocelyn’s school) went off without a hitch for its 21st year.

Jocelyn got credit for 20 miles — 12 of them before her soccer game (where she assisted on both Griffins goals … and got 5 miles credit) — and 3 more afterward to record her personal best in the annual event (it was 15 last year). DSCF3133Felicia, no slouch on her own, walked 4 miles and extra one lap (three laps to a mile), eclipsing the “Junior Walker” expectation of three miles. Here she is with good friend Luca, hamming it up on the grassy infield while her sister completed her walking goal.