Twitter Updates

  • 07:35 ok, we’re awake. 4yoF was first; couldn’t drag her stocking upstairs, so she just had to wake everyone else. Merry Christmas, everyone! #
  • 08:15 Santa brought a Cranium fort building kit for the living room and inline skates; but since it’s raining, skates might be used inside, too #
  • 08:24 I think Grandee just suggested the girls use the Cranium set to build a skate park, with obstacles and rail slides #
  • 08:33 Skyping with @lsthomas and @lfletche, 4yoF just introduced herself as one of "Grandee’s Grandsons" hehe #
  • 08:45 predictably, fancy new fort-building kit has already been enhanced with traditional fort building kit we already had (ie blankets/chairs) #
  • 09:50 Girls presented me with a hand-made ‘FC Gold Pride’ fleece blanket. girls tied off each knot on their own #
  • 09:54 Girls’ traditional Xmas Carol gift to Mommy: The Race that Long in Darkness Pined #
  • 10:36 based on this year’s gift haul, we can now open our own American Girl store. #
  • 13:22 10yoJ also received the AG Hockey Uniform for dolls. Unexplainably, the team is named the ‘Stars.’ at least J says "best part is the puck" #
  • 14:11 @lfletche Hey, we were in the car going to grandma’s too 😉 drive to Saratoga took 20:19, according to 10yoJ’s new digital watch #

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