Greetings from the Donner Party

Over the extended-weekend that Spring Break afforded, I took Felicia and Jocelyn back to Donner Memorial State Park on Monday.

We had also visited the park in January, when there was a lot more snow. So much in fact, that we somehow missed the gigantic memorial statue that you see here in the background. I don’t know how we managed to miss it, since the pedestal itself is 22 feet high — marking the depth of the snowfall when the Donner Party spent the Winter of 1846 at the shores of Donner Lake — and the family on top make sit even taller.

Anyway, there was a lot new to see at the park, since most of the snow we saw in January has melted. We traipsed across patches of snow, but nothing like the snow and ice the covered the trail and the part of the lake on which we had our picnic three months ago.