May 29 2009 Daily Lifestream

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David: Samba Queen 4-Pack photo update: "Order your pictures with The Samba Queens at SmugMug!" [#]
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David: RT @FCGoldPrideGM: Just spoke w/ team Dr. Kandace is out for the season. Very sad news for our team. She’s an incredible athlete and person [#]
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David: Wilson Out for Season (fractured hip socket). Recovery time projected 8-12 weeks; doctors optimistic for full recovery [#]
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David: just dropped $87 on fancy shmancy tomato cages. Amortized over their life expectancy, gotta eat a lot of tomatoes to come out ahead! [#]
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David: just ran into @brianbozzo at AVAC. good to meet ‘cept I had to run into lessons. is @kolsch near by too 😉 interviewing here? haha [#]
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David: also included with the tomato cages … 5yoF got to see this tiny bird nest on top of a tomato pack at SummerWinds [#]
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David: @Edubya way cooler than the birds nest we saw … pics or it didn’t happen! ;-P [#]
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David: @timpmartin brand name ‘Sturdy Cage’ – more rings than basic round cages, "welded-steel construction" and green "decorative enamel coating" [#]
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David: @timpmartin customer specs were fairly demanding. making them myself carried risks I couldn’t take [#]
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David: 5yoF getting her hair cut at Balloon Cuts. I’m watching "Happy Feet," which I’ve never seen, believe it or not [#]
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David: RT @BooksinWAT: It’s Official: 2009 Walkathon Theme: "BOOKSIN’s AMAZING RACE" … Sat, October 10, 2009 … details soon! [#]
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David: Wilson: "I wanted to thank everyone for their support. I am doing a lot better" … leave your wishes on FCGP’s FaceBook: [#]
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David: @MrsHockeyRocker um, Twitter didn’t let you and @HockeyRocker go with the hyphen? @MrsHockeyRocker-Avsluvr ?? anyone? … hah! congrats! [#]
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David: today’s preschool activity: kids making their own "If I Had My Very Own Octobus" project … [#]
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David: RT @WillowGlenExtra Survey on City Budget Woes [#]
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