May 30 2009 Daily Lifestream

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David: yeah, I know it’s after midnight and stuff, but we just got up to the cabin. 55F inside; 46F outside. warming it up for a relaxing weekend [#]
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David: OK. We know we’ve got fans in the Washington DC area … @ Reply if you’re going to the game! Extra points if you’re going to twitter [#]
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David: at the Cabin, it’s "Music in the Mountains" … brought up a keyboard, girls have their recorders. loading mp3 collection on the mountain PC [#]
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David: @aaronh why wouldn’t you? I’m totally jealous of your team [#]
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David: Going for a walk outside (66F outside, 60 inside); thunder in the distance; 10yoJ: "I smell Christmas" [#]
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David: posted to Craigslist: Futon/Bunk Bed combo … Queen Headboard … Glass Dining Table [#]
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David: @aaronh I’m really quite jealous. Had hopes of my team in the Conf Finals, but, alas, no. … won’t jinx it by naming names, tho! ;-P [#]
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David: last week’s unwelcome format change on KWOD 106.5 ( alters my whole dynamic driving through Sacramento. what to do …? [#]
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