Train Tunnels & Snow Sheds

We spent the last weekend in May up at our Donner Summit Cabin, primarily getting the place ready for some major furniture rearranging that we will finish during our next visit.

But in between moving couches upstairs, selling one of the futon bunk beds, and taking picture of other thing we need to unload … we found ourselves exploring long-abandoned train tunnels and snow sheds near Donner Summit.

We took this picture looking back out of the tunnel entrance, which is located just south of the Donner Ski Ranch parking lot. We drove east through the tunnel, in and out of snow sheds for about a mile and a half along the original route of the Central Pacific Railroad. Technically, we entered Tunnel #6 (aka the Summit Tunnel), drove above ground for a spell, through the very short Tunnel #7, along the “Chinese Wall” and into Tunnel #8, which leads to a mile-long snow shed.

We took a few pictures along the way, and vowed to return for further exploration sometime soon.