May 23 2009 Daily Lifestream

David: Game Preview RT @MercSoccerNews: Sure-footed Marta to test depleted FC Gold Pride: Marta, the three-time.. #soccer #FCGP [#] — 9:05am via @fcGoldPride (Twitter) David: … Preview of Sunday’s Game: [#] — 9:40am via @fcGoldPride (Twitter) David: @grep Although starting line-ups won’t be determined until 3:00 pm Sunday, yes Brandi is […]

May 22 2009 Daily Lifestream

David: @bhalliburton Cogmap looks cool! … any setting for job shares (co-chairs etc) so two people could occupy one chart spot? [#] — 11:44pm via Twitter David: RT @JoinTheImpact: BREAKING NEWS: The California Supreme Court will rule in the Prop 8 case on Tues 5/26 at 10am! [#] — 10:31am via Twitter […]

May 21 2009 Daily Lifestream

David: Our "Samba Queen" Endline 4-Packs are Sold Out …. but you can still join us for Sunday! limited tickets still available: [#] — 9:00am via @fcGoldPride (Twitter) David: Tiffany Weimer’s Favorite WPS Player is Carrie Dew. no joke: [#] — 10:45am via @fcGoldPride (Twitter) David: Facebook friends: RSVP for Sunday’s game […]

May 20 2009 Daily Lifestream

David posted WGHS Boys Volleyball Wins CCS Title — 2:19pm via WGx David: @MercSoccerNews had a series of twitter updates from yesterday’s FCGP practice … check ’em out! [#] — 5:10pm via @fcGoldPride (Twitter) David: WG Ppl: since I was incommunicado when the @catstuckonapole thing played out, would someone be willing write guest post […]

May 19 2009 Daily Lifestream

David posted Traditional Walk-in Voting Is Back — 8:00am via WGx David: We voted. 5yoF acco.panied me to the polls this morning. 1 vote, but got 2 "I Voted" stickers [#] — 8:54am via Twitter David: @ryankuder would certainly help the voter turnout stats anyway 😉 … *really* slow at the Senior Center polling […]

May 18 2009 Daily Lifestream

David posted WG Post Office Hours Reduced — 8:41am via WGx David: @gskeller don’t think you’re still on Twitter much, but Happy Birthday to my baby brother anyway! [#] — 8:51am via Twitter David: @motionbox Is there a way to have my folder page reordered *automatically* newest to oldest? It’s cumbersome to drag them […]

May 17 2009 Daily Lifestream

David: face painting at the preschool carnival … 5yoF got a cute kitty cat [#] — 1:22pm via Twitter David: Game Report from "Sinclair Sparks FC Gold Pride to 1-0 Win" [#] — 2:49pm via @fcGoldPride (Twitter) David: Team Reports from Saturday: FC Gold Pride: … Chicago: [#] — […]

May 16 2009 Daily Lifestream

David: Today’s Game … FCGP v @ChicagoRedStars 5:30 PDT … Pre-Game notes from CRS (PDF): [#] — 9:15am via @fcGoldPride (Twitter) David: Gametime: 5:30 PDT … a win today would vault FC Gold Pride past the host Chicago Red Stars in the standings. [#] — 9:30am via @fcGoldPride (Twitter) David: RT @sf_gunner: […]

She Runs Five Miles Every Morning

Felicia performed in the big “Mini Show” at our local Center Stage Dance this weekend, including the standard array of musical numbers, cute costumes, and entertaining miscues.

This song is one of the newer dances, and Felicia (generally far right in the video) became really attached to it:

And an apology for the lousy […]