June 30 2009 Daily Lifestream

David: the girls and I arrived in Serene Lakes a little after midnight. 55°F outside, 71° inside … almost summer up here 😉 [#] — 7:40am via Twitter David posted 1000 Diapers on Wednesday — 4:47pm via WGx David: 1000 Diapers on Wednesday – WGx has been spreading the word about the Help a […]

June 29 2009 Daily Lifestream

David: I ask again … who in San Jose is watching #USMNT vs Brazil today at 11:30? … and where? my own soccer game ends at about 10:30 [#] — 3:45pm via Twitter David: what he said! … RT @mgandrus: Turn on ESPN and support the U.S. National Team. A little soccer will do […]

June 27 2009 Daily Lifestream

David: Join us for SF Pride Parade on Sunday … be part of FCGP’s contingent wearing gold and black … Details on FB: http://ow.ly/fXr9 [#] — 9:10am via @fcGoldPride (Twitter) David posted WG Senior “Cooling” Center Opens at 12:00 — 10:17am via WGx David: WG Senior Cooling Center Opens at 12:00 – Hey! Its […]

June 26 2009 Daily Lifestream

David: @PBRdrinker you mean bank account tracker? Have you tried Mint.com online tools? [#] — 3:28pm via Twitter David: @PBRdrinker @BryLars @Kolsch Throwing a Draft Party tonight would be a little awkard, since Sharks don’t have picks today. yet. [#] — 4:17pm via Twitter David: @PBRdrinker the other interesting thing is that we’ve never […]

June 26 2009 Daily Lifestream

David: while I *love* the book "The God Delusion" by @Richard_Dawkins, it’s not good to read it during non-negotiable Vacation Bible School week [#] — 6:13am via Twitter David: crap. awake at this early hour. and for no good reason. just awake. sucks [#] — 1:51pm via Twitter David: remember seeing King Tut in […]

June 25 2009 Daily Lifestream

David: extra excitement at VBS this morning … unscheduled police activity! … someone broke into the church last night, not sure anything stolen [#] — 3:59pm via Twitter David: #USMNT v Spain will be DVR-delay for me, thanks to carpool duties. Besides, *two* miracles in one tournament would be, well, miraculous [#] — 4:35pm […]

June 24 2009 Daily Lifestream

David: @schnaars Hah! just when I thought I was getting a deal! 😉 … actually, it’s great, although still trying to get volunteer team committed [#] — 5:04pm via Twitter David: Pres Pool a bit more crowded today with a swim team practice/camp and some diving classes too. oh, and it’s also pretty hot […]

June 22 2009 Daily Lifestream

David: @Radlein I thought that ‘STL vs Marta’ bit was a little melodramatic, too. but they’ve got to sell tickets somehow, I guess 😉 [#] — 11:05pm via Twitter David posted and now … Complainin’ on the Avenue — 12:50pm via WGx David posted RI Convention in Birmingham (via Twitter) — 12:54pm via Campbell […]

June 22 2009 Daily Lifestream

David: Watch today’s game LIVE on Fox Soccer Channel or womensprosoccer.com/video/webcast http://ow.ly/f753 … and follow along on Twitter! [#] — 4:50pm via @fcGoldPride (Twitter) David: Father’s Day started nicely this morning with breakfast in bed. we did eventually move to the table for more serious eating. [#] — 6:04pm via Twitter David: yeah, but […]