Latest Lifestream (July 31 2009)

David Fan Appreciation today for #FollowFriday … Thanking Local Bay Area Fans Today! … Come to Sat’s Tweet-Up RSVP [#]. David Fan Appreciation #FF! @davidRnugent @saylorkatherine @cluebcke @Rmendenh @prrobin @kristikimberli @MHanzel … Tweet-Up [#]. David Fan Appreciation #FF! @JJSoccer @SGC72 @NolanWong @MostUntoItself @MartaDonayre @Hannah_Olivia … Sat’s Tweet-Up RSVP: [#]. David Fan […]

Latest Lifestream (July 30 2009)

David heading out early today to take 10yoJ to Girl Scout sleep-away horse camp. 5yoF misses her sister already. we haven’t left the house yet [#]. David the Girl Scout camp check-in is at the long-abandoned Zorba the Greek restaurant (previously famous for belly dancing). funny odd. [#]. David now standing in line for […]

Thursday With Tyler at Bonfante

As a consolation prize to counteract the impact of her sister going away to camp for the week, Felicia got to spend today at Bonfante (Gilroy) Gardens with her good friend Tyler.

He was recently described as her “fourth best friend,” which is a lot more important that it sounds. And later, she expressed a […]

Latest Lifestream (July 30 2009)

David @justjen Since you asked. St. Louis beats LA 2-1 in the Final. I predicted STL champs back in Feb. sticking with it. [#]. David Awesome! see you there! … RT @SGC72: Just got my tix! RT @fcGoldPride Saturday: ‘Japan Night’ vs @DCFreedom [#]. David Thanks for RSVP-ing @betch_m @krisana @mmizejewski @sf_gunner @suzelowe! […]

Latest Lifestream (July 28 2009)

David no one should confuse me for a real web desiger, but it still kills me when client insists on ugly/stupid changes on their site I host [#]. David posted Entered 4 Enjoy-ers on Have You Visited Us in Tahoe? admin published Input Wanted: Snow Retaining Wall David at @psychodonuts this morning. very good […]

Input Wanted: Snow Retaining Wall

I’d like to thank all of my handy friends who surf through this weblog every once and a while. I am not that handy a person, so today … I am asking for your help.

And, no, it’s not currently snowing in Tahoe. In fact, there is no snow right now, which is why I […]

Latest Lifestream (July 27 2009)

David is it me, or does every response to an online Cust Support form ask a question I answered in the original bug report? Read the subject line! [#]. David Saturday: ‘Japan Night’ vs @DCFreedom … 4 tix and on-field photo $49 … Arakawa Look-A-Like Contest! [#]. David all this talk about ‘being […]

Latest Lifestream (July 26 2009)

David 10yoJ spent an hour yesterday researching horse riding options that were reasonably priced and worked for 5yoF. So, we’re doing that today [#]. David Viewing Party! Today at Ye old Royal Oak Pub: … 8-foot screen with food/drink specials! Party at 2p, Kick-off at 3p [#]. David believe it or not, this […]

Latest Lifestream (July 25 2009)

David Cabin. 52.8?F outside … 73.7 inside. another easy drive; Sacto radio stations are looking up. used a medly of 93.7, 100.2 and 98. … [#]. David @zeaLOGupdate 4 #mkTahoe *and* the record will reflect that I woke up before the childrne today. a rarity indeed [#]. David posted Entered 4 Enjoy-ers on Have […]