Lifestream – Tahoe Aug 29-30 2009

Saturday: David @zealogupdate 4 #mkTahoe We’ve arrived at the cabin … which was already a full house! [#]. David posted Entered 4 Enjoy-ers on Have You Visited Us in Tahoe? David to the surprise of no one, the cousins were wide awake at 7:00 am this morning [#]. David Mountain Breakfast today is homemade doughnuts, […]

High Altitude Emergency Hat Rescue

Good thing we had our cousins with us!

During our excursion to the seasonally-shrinking Lake van Norden this past weekend, Jocelyn lost her hat to the howling winds that are common in the afternoons on Donner Summit.

We had finished exploring ‘Pride Rock‘ with Camden & Brayden, and also discovered lots of grasshoppers and tiny […]

Latest Lifestream (August 28 2009)

David @lfletche Have fun! We’ll be up tonight, with our usual late-night arrival after 11 or so. [#]. David @zealogupdate 4 #mkTahoe RT @lfletche And we are off. Boys up early. Headed for Lake Tahoe. If warms up boys may dip toes in… [#]. David posted Entered 4 Enjoy-ers on Have You Visited Us […]

Latest Lifestream (August 27 2009)

David more CVYSL FUBAR: first games for teams I coach scheduled to overlap, despite promises to do their best. their best is clearly subpar [#]. David @okamotos U6 split-squad 4v4, so two games at once. no goalies, no throw-ins, now coed … too many changes post registration. DISORGANIZED [#]. David @zealogupdate 4 #mkTahoe RT […]

Latest Lifestream (August 26 2009)

David shared Palm800417.jpg David 10yoJ science experiment underway involving apples in jars, has me wondering if sliced apple in frigde is ‘control’ or available for eating [#]. David What do you want to learn in Kindergarten? … 5yoF: "I want to learn how to do everything" [#]. David posted Next Week: District 5170 […]

Latest Lifestream (August 26 2009)

David posted Cleaning Up WG: WALL-E David Cleaning Up WG: WALL-E [#]. […]

Latest Lifestream (August 25 2009)

Tonight at bedtime 10yoJ asked me which is worse: "the ‘F’ word or its action." By action she meant finger gesture. Input…? [#]. David posted You Need Successful Fundraisers David You Need Successful Fundraisers [#]. David spent the morning digging through school PTA storage closet, getting ready for big fundraiser (still 48 days […]

Latest Lifestream (August 23 2009)

David home safe! thanks for a great day at the California State Fair! [#]. Fair fun & total exhaustion-Both girls still asleep at 10am after an awesome day at the State Fair w/ the Borgs. Enjoyed the Midway til 11pm [#]. David at Sprint Store trying to buy @KarenMKeller a Palm Pre. Getting *major* […]

Latest Lifestream (August 23 2009)

David OPH RV provides temporary respite from Indigo Girls sing-a-long in the car. If that’s stuck in my head at @CaliStateFair today … trouble! [#]. David so @mrogondino is going to twitter live from booth while calling #WPS Championship Game? take it from me, that’s not going to be easy [#]. David Today: #WPS […]