Sisters in Kindergarten

Yep, there they are! Congratulations to Felicia, who started Kindergarten today!

And Jocelyn started the Fifth Grade, marking the only year that both girls will ever be at the same school (barring some tricky post-secondary matriculation rubrics that I don’t want to pay for). The confluence was not lost on the girls, who graciously agreed to let me take a picture in the same spot we took on of Jocelyn back in 2004, on her first day of kindergarten.

Technically, Monday’s classtime was only an hour-long for Felicia, while Jocelyn served her full term. That means pursist might say Tuesday if Felicia’s first real day of Kindergarten. Either way, life is changing.

And for those of you worried about what I’ll do with all of my extra time … well, don’t worry … this poor fool is volunteering to co-Chair the school’s big massive Walkathon fundraiser, which ought to keep me quite busy for now.