High Altitude Emergency Hat Rescue

Good thing we had our cousins with us!

During our excursion to the seasonally-shrinking Lake van Norden this past weekend, Jocelyn lost her hat to the howling winds that are common in the afternoons on Donner Summit.

We had finished exploring ‘Pride Rock‘ with Camden & Brayden, and also discovered lots of grasshoppers and tiny frogs — including an awesome display of a tiny snake devouring a little frog whole. We had reached the shores of Lake van Norden, and were about to head home … when the winds grabbed Jocelyn’s hat and threw it into one of the fingers of the lake.

Our adventurers were not deterred by the winds — or by the strong gooey mud that almost claimed one of Felicia’s keen sandals along with Grandee’s right leg. They quickly waded into the lake and recovered the hat!

We had lots of other adventures this weeknd, too … including a swim in Lake Dulzura, some boulder hopping along Old Donner Pass Road, and some seriously burned grilled cheese sandwiches. Most of it was captured on the M-K LifeStream in case you missed it.