Latest Lifestream (September 30 2009)

David know what’s weird in 2009? The number of emails I get from moms using accounts with their husband’s name in the ‘from’ line. [#]. David mowed my lawn today. in fact, I mowed it twice to grind-up the clippings. I am talking to you, CVYSL and Cambrian School District [#]. David @jayhipps Would […]

Latest Lifestream (September 29 2009)

David latest sign of @BooksinWAT in my life: right arm stiff from holding cell phone to my ear so much [#]. David test-driving a new look for ( … check it out #wordpress [#]. David 5yoF currently trolling for Walkthon pledges from among the @CampbellRotary faithful. She’s got her sister’s pledge card too […]

Booksin Safety Patrol

As Twittered earlier …

Jocelyn took her first shift on the Booksin Safety patrol yesterday morning, under the watchful eye of one of her former teachers, Mr. Martinez … and her dad.

The troop works together to help pedestrians cross the intersection of Dry Creek & Booksin right in front of the school. It’s a […]

Latest Lifestream (September 29 2009)

David mustering early this morning. 10yoJ is on school crossing guard safety patrol every morning this week. As if school wasn’t early enough [#]. David shared Safety Patrol on the Job David Safety Patrol on the Job [#]. David @Edubya yeah, but admit it … you saw the original email and you *knew* […]

Latest Lifestream (September 27 2009)

David posted The New Boss Wants You To Read the Resident David shared IMG_4786 David The New Boss Wants You To Read the Resident – WGx cant help but wonder if the new SVCN Boss will make updating Will… [#]. David out shopping for a backyard shade tree. Best options: Chinese Elm (‘Ulmus […]

Latest Lifestream (September 27 2009)

David 5yoF’s Green Ninjas have a 10:30 "game" … 10yoJ’s Dare Devils play on synthetic turf today at 12n; we’re 2-0-1 and looking for a loss 😉 [#]. David posted Founder’s Day Coverage via Twitter David Green Ninjas having a tough go of it this morning. Playing a "coed" team that only has one […]

Latest Lifestream (September 25 2009)

David I love the Friday Night Date Night updates from @edubya and @aaronh! as if they aren’t actually sitting across the table from each other [#]. David for the record, I am out on a date with 5yoF at Fresh Choice. no margerita brain freeze here, as much as I might like one [#]. […]

Latest Lifestream (September 25 2009)

David @hootsuite RSS feeds broken? I am having multiple issues with multiple feeds right now. [#]. David @KelseysPajamas Glee writers are pathetic. Need a baby for teacher’s wife, so let’s get the cheerleader drunk and date-raped by jock. awful [#]. David love how Target is enforcing its "Distraction Free Shopping" today 😉 [#]. […]

Latest Lifestream (September 23 2009)

David project now onto it’s third Kinkos FedEx Office. mark-ups, paper out, mistakes. OTOH Mgr#3‘s kid goes to nearby school. now 1/2 Off! huzzah! [#]. David @jeffatmimeo Will consider it. thx. what’s the cost for 850 copies, d/s b/w 110lb cardstock? plus delivery/shipping cost? turn-around? [#]. David listed Sharks Tix at TicketTrader and StubHub. […]