Latest Lifestream (October 31 2009)

David on Fridays, all four 9am coaches supposed to repaint soccer field lines. Of course, I was only one … and I painted the other field #fml [dhkeller]. David well, this morning I am dressed as a Green Ninja, of course! 5yoF’s team plays an early "game" at 9:00. 10yoJ’s Dare Devils at 1p […]

Witches Eaten by a Blue Candy Monster

Happy Halloween!

Here are the California Cousins showing off their 2009 Halloween costumes, with Felicia and Kiana sporting different versions of witches, and that’s Jocelyn in the middle with her self-designed “Blue Candy Monster,” once again beautifully rendered by Karen.

For additional detail, Halloween festivities were lightly-Twittered during Friday’s school parades and again on […]

Latest Lifestream (October 30 2009)

David Campbell Rotary End Polio Day [dhkeller]. David this morning’s holiday proceedings began appropriately with sour milk in the cereal. Happy Halloween Eve! 😉 [dhkeller]. David Kinder costumes: BOYS: 3 stormtroopers, , R Hood, Spiderman, Hippie (1 kid + teacher), Knight, pirate, Boxer 2 Obi-Wans [dhkeller]. David Kinder costumes: GIRLS: princess, 2 witches […]

Latest Lifestream (October 29 2009)

David is there a reason @SanJoseSharks & @SharksinGame give a star to back-up Ersberg (who didn’t play)? Am I missing a Jonathon Quick joke? [dhkeller]. David I mean, I made mistakes live-tweeting @fcGoldPride games, but I don’t think I ever gave credit for a save to the goalie on the bench [dhkeller]. David Thx, […]

Latest Lifestream (October 29 2009)

David I have one humble demand of @KarenMKeller‘s iPhone. That it help her read every one of my tweets. including this one. [dhkeller]. David @sarahntastic hah! no, she actually solicited that one to test a potential iPhone twitter client. … but I had to be a smart ass anyway ;-p [dhkeller]. David in 5yoF’s […]

Latest Lifestream (October 28 2009)

David WGHS Rams Roll Over Panthers – Thanks to Greg Lydon and his Your Preps Hub website, you can read about last Fridays… [dhkeller]. David shiny new-car smell has worn off the Safety Patrol, and now 10yoJ’s school volunteer job is just 10 minutes of less sleep each time. [dhkeller]. David posted Oliverio: […]

Latest Lifestream (October 27 2009)

David 5yoF has been eager to try a ‘school hot lunch’ … I’m counting money for Wakathon, so today is her big chance! [dhkeller]. David by the way, we’ve got about $87K collected …. on <drumroll> …. pledges of $103K. both numbers are GREAT NEWS! [dhkeller]. David posted WGHS Rams Roll Over Panthers. […]

Latest Lifestream (October 25 2009)

David making a rare appearance at church, in the name of choir video. but sanctuary banners totally obscure my balcony camera angle. sucks. [dhkeller]. David the ‘debt reduction’ commercials pervasive on radio are as offensive as the other trashy stuff that make me turn-off radio with girls in car [dhkeller]. David finished up the […]

Latest Lifestream (October 24 2009)

David posted WGx Week: October 23rd. David 50 Miles .. and a lot of Money! – Sure the Booksin Walkathon was actually two weeks ago, but since David was one of… [dhkeller]. David WGx Week: October 23rd – Wait. What Happened this week? you ask. WGx has your recap right here WG… […]