Latest Lifestream (November 30 2009)

David RT @noradsanta: Less than 24 hours until the NORAD Tracks Santa site opens! New shops and games for each day @ [dhkeller].

Latest Lifestream (November 29 2009)

David decorating the house for Xmas today. but first, girls found the manger dress-up clothes. 5yoF wants to be a shepherd when she grows up [dhkeller]. 5yoF: "Candy canes are one the things they discovered when they discovered Santa Claus back in 1999." [KarenMKeller]. David Tremendously Ironic, eh? … RT @dishnetwork hey, do me […]

Latest Lifestream (November 28 2009)

David Home. wind-buffeted SacTown to Vacaville, then smooth sailing from there. [dhkeller]. David @dishnetwork I have reported problem to tech support twice; no one bothered to follow-up or fix. my next call will be to cancel service [dhkeller]. David @dishnetwork ‘cept both times, tech told me it’s a rights problem w/CSN (all cust support […]

Surprise! Apparators Advance in Robotics

A welcome surprise, of course …

The dust has yet to settle on Jocelyn’s robotics season — The season which was supposed to end today with the regional qualifying tournament at NASA Ames Research Center. But it didn’t end.

The Apparators Robotics team was one of the top-nine teams at today’s tournament, and moves one […]

Latest Lifestream (November 27 2009)

David Cabin. record time from Roseville? … let’s just say the roads were pretty empty, and bare and dry. Happy Thanksgiving everyone! [dhkeller]. David @ZealogUpdate 4 #mkTahoe Back to Roseville this morning for a day with C&B Cousins, and then home for Robotics Competition [dhkeller]. David posted Entered 4 Enjoy-ers on Have You Visited […]

Latest Lifestream (November 27 2009)

David @CouchTarts Thanks. so technically, that’s two unanswered from the Sharks. Take *that* ChiTown! [dhkeller]. David @ZealogUpdate 4 #mkTahoe Thanksgiving morning before a trip to Roseville for dinner [dhkeller]. David posted Entered 4 Enjoy-ers on Have You Visited Us in Tahoe?. David Thanksgiving Breakfast at the Cabin with homemade pumpkin donuts (and residual homemade […]

Latest Lifestream (November 25 2009)

David when I signed up for recurring Weds in 5yoF’s class, I didn’t count on the Day Before Thanksgiving Feast and Indian Program being a big deal [dhkeller]. David done with the Table Setting, and now I am creating a yarn ball (not sure what for) from a perfectly good yarn skein (skien? skin? […]

Latest Lifestream (November 24 2009)

David @sarahntastic Yes 4. that would be truly awesome. 😉 … I owe you one. [dhkeller]. David Early Gift: 75 New Christmas Trees – Whether or not you think its too early for Christmas, the Downtown WG Business… [dhkeller]. David @TWELPFORCE can Sprint ‘premier’ (>1yr, <18mos w/curr phone) get @BestBuy Palm Pre $79 […]

Latest Lifestream (November 24 2009)

David posted WGx Week: November 22nd. David WGx Week: November 22nd – What Happened this week? Thanks to twitter, WGx has your recap right here … [dhkeller]. David $126 for replacement parts to fix Cabin stove (and I still get to do repair myself). how much just to buy a new range? [dhkeller]. […]