Harry Potter Overnight Halloween Trick-or-Treating Birthday Slumber Party

Just eleven years ago Karen was dreading that our five-days-past-her-due-date baby might be born on Halloween. To be honest, I was secretly hoping for an excuse to throw an annual costume birthday party.

Well, Jocelyn went on to be another three days late, but it took me eleven full years to get my Halloween Costume Birthday Party. And furthermore, I had no idea that Harry Potter would play a role in my grand plan.

For Halloween this year, we hosted a massive overnight slumber party — complete with trick-or-treating! Jocelyn invited eight friends, plus Kiana, Felicia. We had ghosts, goblins, friends, a blue candy monster, … and Hermione Granger herself, too!

The party primarily followed a Harry Potter theme, wonderfully constructed by Karen to include classes of the various Hogwarts subjects, including Potions, Divination, the Care of Magical Creatures, and Muggle Studies (the aforementioned trick-or-treating Halloween night).

Karen didn’t design a specific Defense Against the Dark Arts curriculum, but maybe we could have used one to ward off the ill effects of the time change associated with the end of Daylight Savings Time. Sunday ended with cake for breakfast and gift-opening, and everyone had a great time!