Fawkes Arrives Before Lucky #11

In an odd convergence of traditions, maybe I should have given Jocelyn one of Felicia’s birthday books this year, instead of the traditional stuffed plush toy I usually give her on her special day.

This is the year that Jocelyn truly became a reader. A Voracious Reader. There were times that we had to pry books out of her hands in order to move on to the next activity, including sports, dance, homework, travel, and even sleep. And this was never more true than the five-week period this summer during which she read the last four Harry Potter books.

She’d read the first three books in parentally-enforced yearly intervals (she had inhaled the third book in 2008). She began reading the fourth installment on June 14, and finished the seventh book on July 22, even re-reading many of them again afterward. And of course, the big Eleventh Birthday Party over the weekend only reinforced the point.

So, back to the traditional gift. … Actually, two traditions collide in this photo taken the day of her party … She’s crashing through the traditional Birthday Curtain (silver and black this year) while holding Dumbledore’s pet Phoenix named ‘Fawkes‘ on her arm.