Latest Lifestream (January 31 2010)

David Despite the best efforts of the uncoordinated lights on Hamilton Ave, made it to Church just in time for 6yoF’s choir solo [dhkeller]. David And by ‘solo’ I mean she sang and danced while the five other kids in the choir watched her. Cute ๐Ÿ™‚ … Video later? [dhkeller]. David neighborhood eList now […]

Latest Lifestream (January 30 2010)

David Yay for my SIL – and yummy!! … RT @timpmartin: @lovingtree featured in the _first spot_ on @tastespotting today. [dhkeller]. David Among the many reasons we love Elva’s @CoffeeStop … I forgot my wallet … And yet I leave with coffee in my hand anyway! [dhkeller]. David @gc_cc Ah hah! now I […]

Latest Lifestream (January 28 2010)

David Hey! It’s *not* raining today (after two weeks of wet) … And school drop-off is much more sane as a result [dhkeller]. David Sharks better show up tonight; lack of effort has been unsettling trend in marquee home matchups. [dhkeller]. David @lfletche @l3larry a little insight into snowboarding addiction, eh? [dhkeller]. David Four […]

Latest Lifestream (January 27 2010)

David Whew! Busy whirlwind of work in 6yoF’s K Class today. Out with the Penguins, In with 100 [dhkeller]. David Pro Tip for Kinder parents: regular elmers glue is not sufficient for securing all 100 unpopped popcorn kernals on wall-mounted paper [dhkeller]. David Quick trip to Target (girls making health kits for Haiti), and […]

Latest Lifestream (January 26 2010)

David shared 2 photos. David @jfouts Only progressive if they also create an Android and Palm app ๐Ÿ™‚ [dhkeller]. David We’re hosting Girl Scout wknd at our Cabin in March, but the leader is waffling on actually skiing/snowboarding cuz too much hassle. Lame [dhkeller]. David Field Trip today! 5th Grade going to La Petite […]

Latest Lifestream (January 25 2010)

David @svtwinmom K start hugely political, across state (disadvantaged pops) and individually (peer pressure for new elementary parents) [dhkeller]. David 5yoF (last week): "Peingwins slid on the belez. Pengwins wodb. Pengwins eet fish. Pengwins swim." Translation: slide on bellies, wobble? [dhkeller]. David @nobackseats My girls choose pink figures in ‘Game of Life’ boardgame, and […]

Latest Lifestream (January 24 2010)

admin published Feliciaโ€™s Sixth Year โ€“ 100 Soccer Balls?. David Felicia’s Sixth Year 100 Soccer Balls? – Keeping with my long-standing tradition of honoring each of Felicia’s bir… [dhkeller]. David shared 4 photos. David Uploading pictures to Flickr … 6yoF’s Super Readers from today’s party [dhkeller]. […]

Felicia’s Sixth Year – 100 Soccer Balls?

Keeping with my long-standing tradition of honoring each of Felicia’s birthdays with books that tell the story of the year, I’ve got four selections to share.

By any measure, it has been a momentous year for our youngest.

2009-2010 was the year Felicia ascended into the world of her older sister, joining Jocelyn in many […]

Latest Lifestream (January 23 2010)

David @csborg the @SugarBowl1939 twitter is pretty lame. call snow report in morning 530-426-1111 (I think that’s the number) [dhkeller]. David @BleedTeal Hah! … um, twice, actually. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Probably not going back up for a few weeks [dhkeller]. David Off to WGMS ‘Ram Power Breakfast’ intro to Middle School. Apparently, we have to let […]