Latest Lifestream (February 28 2010)

David @ZealogUpdate 8 #mkTahoe Another beautiful day in Tahoe with the Borgs. Blue birds, morning riding, and #Olympic Hockey! [dhkeller]. David posted Entered 8 Enjoy-ers on Have You Visited Us in Tahoe?. David Mt. Lincoln beckons under an incredibly blue sunny sky. 3 hours @sugarbowl1939 and then USA, U-S-A, U-S-A !! [dhkeller]. David Top […]

Latest Lifestream (February 27 2010)

David Not yet to Blue Canyon, traffic barely moving. Tons of snow. [dhkeller]. David 1.4 miles in last 25 mins. Total standstill on I-80 now. [dhkeller]. David @csborg Me neither. Me too. [dhkeller]. David Nyack. Can see the chain control checkpoint. Good times. [dhkeller]. David Cabin. 6+ hours, poor travel luck *this* time, […]

Latest Lifestream (February 26 2010)

David Isn’t it supposed to be raining already? Although I appreiate it holding off, since I might have left the sunroof open from yesterday. [dhkeller]. David @ask4adam [dhkeller]. David @ask4adam That and the directions of SJC airport take-off/landing is all I need too! [dhkeller]. David @ask4adam Yep. it’s usually the best harbinger of changing […]

Latest Lifestream (February 25 2010)

David @ryhar46 no FWIW, actual TV here in the States has two separate NBC guys (Albert & Micheletti) [dhkeller]. David Can’t believe Sweden lost. Hope Red Wings’ Swedes aren’t inspired by Olympic loss (like I hope Canadian Sharks might be) [dhkeller]. David @Lammerding Be careful what you wish for. NBC proper has yet to […]

Latest Lifestream (February 25 2010)

David After a week of vacation and two sick days, a certain six-year-old is ON FIRE over returning to the Kindergarten today. [dhkeller]. David Note To Self: if your kid is going to be sick and miss school for two days, make sure one of those days is your volunteer work day [dhkeller]. David […]

Latest Lifestream (February 23 2010)

David Sick Day #2 for 6yoF. And rain outside. She watched ski jumping and ice dancing on DVR from last night. Full day of hockey ahead! [dhkeller]. David To convince her to willingly go shopping at Safeway, I had to bribe 6yoF with riding in the racecar cart. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. […]

Latest Lifestream (February 22 2010)

David Cousins: 6yoF caught 9yoA’s sickness, so is looking forward to watching some Olympics while home sick Monday. [dhkeller]. David Shocking that (at least) one of Canada-Russia will NOT medal … RT @fearthefin Olympic Brackets Are Set [dhkeller]. David 1st Sick Day of Kindergarten: 6yoF is not too sick, but she’s gonna milk […]

Latest Lifestream (February 21 2010)

David @sleep_til_noon totally agree, but it seems way too cute to be an ad for Orville Redenbacher [dhkeller]. David @ZealogUpdate #mkTahoe Nashville Martins heading home today. A great visit with some awesome downhill skiing, snowboarding, and sledding [dhkeller]. David Two hours of riding (just enough fresh over ice) … And home for some serious […]

Latest Lifestream (February 20 2010)

David @ZealogUpdate 9 #mkTahoe Nashville Martins here one more day; Martin-MacKenzies headed home last night. Where is the snow? [dhkeller]. David posted Entered 9 Enjoy-ers on Have You Visited Us in Tahoe?. David posted Entered 9 Enjoy-ers on Have You Visited Us in Tahoe?. David posted Entered 0.5 Days on The Worst Day Snowboarding […]