Latest Lifestream (March 31 2010)

David Ruh-roh. 6yoF forget her backpack today. Only real challenge is the snack food inside of it. Oops. [dhkeller]. David RT @sugarbowl1939: SNOW and wind today. NOAA 10-16" with winds of 22-25MPH with stronger gusts. Today’s Operations [dhkeller]. David Ok. Just about ready for HD-TV and new tv provider. Actually craving Philips and […]

Latest Lifestream (March 30 2010)

David Stuck in a meeting for a Rotary fundraiser. How do my friends in the corporate world do this? [dhkeller]. David Awesome. Thx! … RT @schnaars: @dhkeller using the search term "willow glen"-SFO gets rid of that spambot. [dhkeller]. David Watching someone try to herd cats is no fun ;-( [dhkeller]. David Gas station […]

Latest Lifestream (March 29 2010)

David Lost in the back-to-back and the Thornton injury is that a win tonight goes a long way toward forcing a Sharks-Avs 1st Round. I like. [dhkeller]. David @hockeydarling Is there some sort of Joe Thornton voodoo health salve that we should all be wearing? 🙂 [dhkeller]. David @hockeydarling I’ve got my Old Time […]

Latest Lifestream (March 28 2010)

David @garzag Of Course. but don’t let that be an excuse for deplorable decision-making process, hiding behind Sacto and Teachers union [dhkeller]. David Oooh, Tandoori Oven has Coke products now, complete with new machine and super fancy Coca-Cola cups [dhkeller]. David Tandoori Oven: age/racially diverse diners, rastafari busser, hispanic cooks, tattooed hipster cashier, CCR […]

Latest Lifestream (March 27 2010)

David inexplicably, one of the souvenir toys @KarenmKeller brought home from Switzerland actually yodels. Out loud. For now. [dhkeller]. 6yoF looked in my briefcae last night. I had a half eaten choc bar & empty water bottle. 6yoF "they don’t have garbage cans in Switzerland?" [KarenMKeller]. David RT @fcGoldPride: Tune in (or set your […]

Latest Lifestream (March 26 2010)

David just found out SJUSD has proposed five-day furlough for week immediately prior to @BooksinWAT Walkathon 2010. So much for sleeping tonight [dhkeller]. David Who knew SJUSD has proposed Oct 4-8 for much-discussed furlough next year? I think they can do better with dates. Anyone else have input? [dhkeller]. David slow reaction to SJUSD […]

Latest Lifestream (March 25 2010)

David SCC Valley Medical System – Continuing our Rotary Club’s outstanding and timely speaker series, while the nation … [dhkeller]. David 11yoJ has received her first mix tape (at a friend’s bday party). Some Black Eyes Peas, lots of Pink, and that firefly song. [dhkeller]. David @krisana I wish! Wife’s out of town, […]

Latest Lifestream (March 24 2010)

David in honor of "free pastry" giveaway by the green-logo’d coffee monster, I went to Elva’s @CoffeeStop. Of course, I would’ve done that anyway [dhkeller]. David posted SCC Valley Medical System. David old geezer at Rotary floored by @SCCGov VMC estimate $15K chg for average childbirth: "For what?" he says. Drop in bucket to […]

Latest Lifestream (March 23 2010)

I have arrived in Switzerland. Currently riding the quietest train ever-both train itself and the people on it. On my way to Flumserberg. [KarenMKeller]. I had a fun time snowboarding. Now on my way to Neuchatel. Very sleepy. But I must stay awake so I don’t miss any of my 4 train connections [KarenMKeller]. […]