Latest Lifestream (April 30 2010)

David @FTFsTCY That’s cold. Explain to them that you have a curfew, and there’s a $2500 fine for meetings that go past it. [dhkeller]. David shared 2010 Playoff Beard – Day 16. David @klyushka Awesome. Do they have something for my sore throat? gonna need it after tonight! 😉 [dhkeller]. David Playoff Beard – […]

Latest Lifestream (April 29 2010)

David Much less concerned about tonight’s Game 7 result, but I do hope the game is more compelling than last night’s blowout. That said, #GoHabsGo [dhkeller]. David @jpeepz I would also concur, although it does put a different spin on ‘pork’ [dhkeller]. David See, the Sharks didn’t want the President’s Cup. Or the curse […]

Latest Lifestream (April 28 2010)

David @CouchTarts Wait, do I have to vote again, or is my Wings preference already brutally clear? 😉 [dhkeller]. David explaining to Girls why I’m pulling for Detroit, or at least want Wings to win. I mean, I might cheer for Phoenix, but well, it’s confusing [dhkeller]. David @creeper_keeper Yeah, sure, imagine what would […]

Latest Lifestream (April 27 2010)

David @CouchTarts Only possible reason I could cheer for Caps would be DC as a tourist destination for Stanley Cup Finals. Even so, Montreal FTW! [dhkeller]. David @hockeydarling also has the added benefit of never having to cheer for the Penguins ;-P [dhkeller]. David Don’t get me wrong. I want Preds to win. But […]

Latest Lifestream (April 26 2010)

David Geting takeout from Willow Street Pizza WG. Not one, not two, but three open parking spaces. Your World. Rocked! [dhkeller]. David RT @maire_ryan: Let’s go sharks. I think @dhkeller is slowly converting/brainwashing me to like the sharks. They’re now my second favori … [dhkeller]. David I would like the Kings to win tonight; […]

Latest Lifestream (April 25 2010)

Thinking about how to make some sort of hang glider to carry a teddy bear. Need to make it fast… Ideas? [KarenMKeller]. David @karenmkeller parachute [dhkeller]. David #FCGP duties mean Sharks are on DVR-delay for me. Not sure I can avoid results since I might be live-tweeting @fcGoldPride, but will try [dhkeller]. We are […]

Latest Lifestream (April 24 2010)

David @CouchTarts I see he went and scored, so now he’s definitely Travis [dhkeller]. David At Round Table Pizza with the Girls plus SuperK. basketball on the big screen, Habs-Wash on the *little* screen. Guess I can’t complain [dhkeller]. David Thank you @VersusNHL for the ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’ commercial during Family Hockey Night […]

Latest Lifestream (April 23 2010)

David @LadyStanley Please join my "No Ice Girls in SJ. Ever" campaign. Malcolm Bordelon can never let that happen. I’ll drop my tix instantly [dhkeller]. David 11yoJ now very jealous of her sister. Who’s got a cheaply-priced individual ticket for tonight? sibling harmony discount? Go Sharks! [dhkeller]. David They grow up so fast. 11yoJ: […]

Latest Lifestream (April 22 2010)

David as general rule, it is not supposed to be so cold in San Jose that you see your breath in April. Unless it’s a harbinger of a Stanley Cup [dhkeller]. David @hockeydarling Sorry, gotta go with Canucks in this one. 1) Vancouver is a great place to go see a game, and 2) […]