Latest Lifestream (May 31 2010)

David What a difference from last year. Lots of snow today: … Memorial Day 2009: [dhkeller]. David just got a random email (sorta spammy) from former colleague with voter recommendations. On second thought, I might twitter it since I agree [dhkeller]. David Somewhat amazed that in 2010, Santa Clara County Registrar of […]

Latest Lifestream (May 30 2010)

David Just wanted everyone to know I’m at my Tahoe Cabin at 7000′ sitting on my deck under glorious blue skies, watching @fcGoldPride on my laptop [dhkeller]. David @agmendenhall probably, but too bad no replay possible on the webcast production [dhkeller]. David OK, I’m not taping Flyers-Hawks game, but if I were, I’d be […]

Latest Lifestream (May 29 2010)

David Dixon, bound for the Tahoe Cabin. What’s another three days of winter? [dhkeller]. David Cabin. 41°F inside; 32.3°F Outside. Beautiful clear skies, spectacular moon. And plenty of snow still on the ground. [dhkeller]. David @ZealogUpdate 4 #mkTahoe It’s been too long, but we are ack for the holiday weekend. Still lots of snow, […]

Latest Lifestream (May 28 2010)

David .@whataboutbob Yep. the "." circumvents the reply-only-to-followers Twitter standard "feature" … but it also drops the "in reply to" links [dhkeller]. David @GrantWahl If you covered men and women equally, people would read you more. [dhkeller]. David With SJUSD furlough, I could actually go … RT @LadyStanley: #Sharks travel package to Sweden for […]

Latest Lifestream (May 27 2010)

David aaahhh, the life lessons that come from a popped balloon. Someday, we’ll appreciate them, but for now the tears really suck. [dhkeller]. David 11yoJ used Elmer’s Glue on scrapbook, so project coordinator sent note reminding them not to. I’ve got more important life lessons to teach [dhkeller]. David Obviously, it shouldn’t be raining. […]

Latest Lifestream (May 26 2010)

David @Edubya As well he should be. and it only gets better from here on in! [dhkeller]. David WWII Recollections from John Shirley – Today we heard from decorated World War II veteran John Shirley. John serve… [dhkeller]. David @Edubya um, yes, but that also means the kid’s got tgste, cuz the US […]

Latest Lifestream (May 25 2010)

David you know, for an organization that wants $8kajillion from me every year, @SanJoseSharks have a really lousy and confusing invoice system [dhkeller]. David hey WG peeps, threats, violence, news vans, police … but not ONE comment on the eList yet? What is the world coming to?!! [dhkeller]. David @BleedTeal There was a threat […]

Latest Lifestream (May 24 2010)

David @hockeydarling I agree on Marleau. But so as not to jinx it, I’ve been holding off getting his number on all my jerseys. Hope to in summer [dhkeller]. David @sleep_til_noon On that list, I keep Nichol, Malhotra, Marleau. … Nabby can walk; Blake can retire. no strong preference on Ortmeyer [dhkeller]. David @hockeydarling […]

Latest Lifestream (May 23 2010)

David shared 2 photos. David SuperK the ‘Birthday Niece’ [dhkeller]. David @timpmartin the Martin-Mackenzies and 3/4 of the Kellers are out to dinner, eagerly awaiting the YouTube link [dhkeller]. David @timpmartin … And I might add, we are at The Elephant Bar. Coincidence? 😉 [dhkeller]. Boarding in Moscow. Definitely a great trip. Pics […]