Latest Lifestream (June 30 2010)

David @moyalynne Now, you just have to drive back. ;-P [dhkeller]. David @alondrah18 Agree on the goal, but people go crazy with all the build-up. … Also, I think the flick made him offside, but no one noticed [dhkeller]. David Staff at Sweet Tomatoes (@souplantation) asked K to take phone survey in exchange for […]

Latest Lifestream (June 29 2010)

David Flickr: uploaded some still shots from FSC’s WPS game yesterday. You’ll have to squint and use your imagination, but we’re all there [dhkeller]. David three more feet, and I totally would have caught Tasha Kai in the 90′ yesterday [dhkeller]. David @csborg Should I be concerned that you merged our names in […]

Latest Lifestream (June 28 2010)

Not at all surprising–line @wgfrozenyogurt longest I’ve ever seen. [KarenMKeller]. David Realize I’m hours late, but finally getting to #ARG #MEX. I know the result, but looking forward to seeing the drama 😉 [dhkeller]. David Brian Boucher sighting at Elva’s @CoffeeStop. (relax, says he’s "just visiting") 6yoF wil be sorry to have missed him. […]

Latest Lifestream (June 27 2010)

David Alright. Now that I’ve slept it off, have to say the #GHA #USA game at The Brit was an awesome party. Thx Paul, Yemi, Reobel, Bernard, et al [dhkeller]. David He’s right … RT @duresport: Ricardo Clark: "This is on me. I told the coach that it was my fault" #USA #GHA […]

Latest Lifestream (June 26 2010)

David @agmendenhall Hope you are enjoying the Storm. Do you see any ABL Seattle Reign attire? (we had season tix for Reign when we lived there) [dhkeller]. David @agmendenhall Yeah, well that *was* 10 years ago (but I still have a hat and waterbottle!) … ABL > WNBA [dhkeller]. David @hockeydarling The Ducks may […]

Latest Lifestream (June 25 2010)

David @Edubya YES, but, um, exactly which of us are watching it live again? ;-P Haven’t seen you at The Brit 😉 [dhkeller]. David @Edubya Baby Steps, I know. 😉 [dhkeller]. David Used word ‘candy’ to describe #POR v #BRA since game is tasty, but not too meaningful. 6yoF: "Why did you say that? […]

Latest Lifestream (June 24 2010)

David Special Meeting Location – Don’t Forget! Our regular Tuesday Meeting on June 29 will NOT be held at our customary E… [dhkeller]. David Still so excited, I just re-watched Jon Stewart’s coverage of Donovan’s #USA goal over again. #TDS [dhkeller]. […]

Latest Lifestream (June 23 2010)

David A Message from Our President – Rotary Newsletter Jun 22 2010 [dhkeller]. David shared 2 photos. David … not-so-World-Famous Cornbread Artist gets #WorldCup fever? (cooked: [dhkeller]. David I now understand why Bay Area expansion of Krispy Kreme failed. No one knows how to spell it. Also, few people know how […]

Latest Lifestream (June 22 2010)

David About to board VTA 64 Bus on an adventure to SJ Arena Green, which may or may not end with a Sharks season ticket seat switch (likely not). [dhkeller]. David know what you’re thinking: ‘Silly David, there’s no 4:30 World Cup game today’ … I wish. Been up all night with 6yoF’s shin […]