Latest Lifestream (July 31 2010)

David @RapidDK Since you aren’t using Twitter much, I was wondering if I you’d pass your twitter ID off to me? [dhkeller]. David Checking out the Ozaukee County Fair in Cedarburg. [dhkeller]. David Kid you not: Ozaukee Fair has German-themed ‘Cuckoo House" funhouse, with beer steins and swirling barrels. Danke! [dhkeller]. David And […]

Latest Lifestream (July 30 2010)

David shared Womens Crew on the Milwaukee River. David Womens Crew on the Milwaukee River [dhkeller]. David Say what you want about California drivers, but some these Milwakee kids are real bastards to pedestrians [dhkeller]. David Trapped in the ‘Historic Third Ward’ as a drawbridge separates us from our dinner reservation time. [dhkeller]. […]

Latest Lifestream (July 29 2010)

David shared 2 photos. David Pre-Wicked photo-op, and I’m taking pictures of the picture takers [dhkeller]. David We arrive at Wicked, 11yoJ says: "Wow, is that a dragon?" prompting awkward glance from heavily-tattooed woman in row in front of us. [dhkeller]. David I don’t think that’s how jinxes work? 😉 … RT @JeffKassouf: […]

Latest Lifestream (July 28 2010)

David @Garza_Girl Been living that dream/nightmare for five years and counting 😉 … Reading subjugates everything. Everything, FBOW [dhkeller]. David 11yoJ finally up and about, joining cousins for tonight’s bedtime story (‘Wicked’ as told by Uncle Timmy). We see the musical tomorrow! [dhkeller]. David Tim: "Wicked is prequel to The Wizard of Oz. Does […]

Latest Lifestream (July 27 2010)

David Family foosball tournament: I just lost in the first round to @timpmartin. Have to teach the organizers how to seed properly next time 😉 [dhkeller]. David Might not have mentioned I was sick Sunday (mack truck body aching sick). But now 11yoJ & K have it too. Shame on me for bringing it […]

Latest Lifestream (July 26 2010)

David @agmendenhall I’ll sell it to you for a very reasonable price! ;-P [dhkeller]. David Venturing forth to SFO for direct flight to MKE. … Hoping the long-term parking situation isn’t too much hassle. [dhkeller]. David Touchdown MKE. 6yoF is "happy crying for the first time ever" … And producing tears to back it […]

Latest Lifestream (July 25 2010)

David @CSNWashington Yep. Hurts to watch that low angle online … RT @Ingridium field level camera for #FCGoldPride webcast is a write-off [dhkeller]. David @RaquelArce I was the one who responded from #FCGP. I compared rosters to answer you: B-Cam, Dew, Edwards, Wilson … < ?? [dhkeller]. David @Radlein the webcast was live from […]

Latest Lifestream (July 24 2010)

David End of Camp Part at Lake Mary: After all the work i did this week, maybe being the dad in charge of the paddle boat wasn’t such a great idea [dhkeller]. David @ZealogUpdate 2 #mkTahoe Weather is heating up, as 6yoF’s Day Camp at Sugar Bowl winds down. [dhkeller]. David posted Entered 2 […]

Latest Lifestream (July 23 2010)

David Good News: 6yoF really likes Day Camp and has made some fast friends. Bad News: there will almost certainly be years tomorrow when it ends [dhkeller]. David @JeffKassouf Bite your tongue 😉 [dhkeller]. David Off to the big Lake Mary Campfire. 6yoF can’t wait to see her friends (including a new male BFF) […]