Latest Lifestream (August 31 2010)

David 6yoF hosted a Playdate. My Girls know that if they hide when I come to pick them up after visiting, they are never going on another one ;-( [dhkeller]. David RT @sanjoselibrary: San Jose Public Library’s mobile app launched for iPhone/iPod Touch, Android, Blackberry, Palm, & Windows Mobile. ht … [dhkeller]. David the […]

Latest Lifestream (August 30 2010)

David if your U12G soccer team had chosen the name "Ultimate," what sort of logo would you use on the banner? [dhkeller]. David @mediatemple Second time in as many months, experiencing injection across multiple WP installs. This time "" … solutions? [dhkeller]. David @mediatemple fully updated, deleted many fake admin users earlier this week; […]

Latest Lifestream (August 29 2010)

David So that’s 10 goals for @fcGoldPride in two games played in @ATLBeat (plus ASG). I’d be willing to move #WPS Championship Game to Atlanta. [dhkeller]. David @agmendenhall Be funny for FCGP v Philly (9/11) and WPS Championship, and maybe I can sneak you in 😉 [dhkeller]. David 11yoJ’s latest reading obsession is "Guardians […]

Latest Lifestream (August 28 2010)

David Soccer Games for 11yoJ start tomorrow, as the U12 ‘Ultimates’ take the field at 9a (and again at 12:45 in a double-header). Wish us luck [dhkeller]. David OMG, CSN finally paying attention to them! … RT @CSNAuthentic: @fcGoldPride‘s Marta Nominated for Sportswoman of Year [dhkeller]. David @CouchTarts you mean Washington? Incredible! Been […]

Latest Lifestream (August 27 2010)

David Yep. City of SJ repaved my street two weeks ago, and now there’s a PG&E back hoe and three huge trucks out front today. Perfect timing. [dhkeller].

Latest Lifestream (August 26 2010)

David So farm 11yoJ’s middle school homework load has been very light. OTOH, her homework load has been very light. A little too light? [dhkeller]. David Also, going to the library to do homework in the A/C ends up being a little silly when the homework is done in 6 minutes. [dhkeller]. David @channel923 […]

Latest Lifestream (August 25 2010)

Leaving now. Dinner plan? [KarenMKeller]. David The History of Moffett Field – Today we welcomed John Mascali, former naval aviator and commercial airline pilot (wi… [dhkeller]. David Coach has cancelled 6yoF’s first soccer practice because it will be too hot. She is PISSED! [dhkeller]. David I’m a line-avoider, but waiting in the car […]

Latest Lifestream (August 24 2010)

David Peaked out at 93ºF in the shade today in WG. Hottest day of the year comes after school starts. 😉 [dhkeller]. David @dharv5 Think Riley was 10 overall? … @GalbaneseJr I thought Wilson was a broken hip socket? … speed of Riley/Wilson combo is unmatched [dhkeller]. David felt weird accessing soccer storage box […]

Latest Lifestream (August 23 2010)

David TMBG still going: Ana Ng, We Live in a Dump, [from Flood], [dhkeller]. David TMBG Encore: [band intros and riffs] Angel on a Pinhead (?), The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Particle Man [dhkeller]. David 2nd TMBG Encore: The Mesopetamians or, as 6yoF says: "The Mashed-up Potatoes" [dhkeller]. David Last week, nothing went right for […]