Latest Lifestream (September 30 2010)

David @hes_a_rebel Got distracted. Stil on my list for this week [dhkeller]. David OH in the carpool … 6yoF: "I have the busiest calendar of anyone." SuperK: "no you don’t. I have a dog" [dhkeller]. David @zoe As long as the boys get to do it, too. The boys do get to wear pink […]

Latest Lifestream (September 29 2010)

David totally would not wanna be the kid behind the ‘Code Brown’ in the WGMS Pool. Made all his peers play basketball instead of swimming today [dhkeller]. David Mike Wallace: Watsonville’s Pulitzer – Today’s meeting was an exciting mix of history, Rotary, and good literature. … [dhkeller]. David uh-oh. Pretty burned out on […]

Latest Lifestream (September 28 2010)

David shared 20 photos. Russo – Rm 11 Braunstein – Rm 28 Alderette – Rm 20 Parsons – Rm 23 Rossi – Rm 22 Whittell – Rm 29 MacDonald – Rm 4 Yamada – Rm 19 Swanson – Rm 21 Kolda – Rm 30 Miller – Rm 5 Markham – Rm 8 Medina – […]

Latest Lifestream (September 27 2010)

Somehow I have let 11yoJ convince me to get krispy kremes. 2 donut shops in the same day-what am I doing? [KarenMKeller]. David Both JoAnn’s Fabrics and the Spirit Halloween Superstore close at 6p on Sundays. What is this, some sort of Blue Law ? [dhkeller]. David Least favorite holiday (despite how much fun […]

Latest Lifestream (September 26 2010)

Anybody want 2 tickets to the sharks preseason game tonight? [KarenMKeller]. David Who wants my tickets to the SJ Sharks preseason game tonight? [dhkeller]. David @jwizzle241 Cool. They are pretty sweet seats. My wife had a colleague interested; let me make sure that’s dead before we confirm. [dhkeller]. David Soccer Recap: 11yoJ’s U12 Ultimates […]

Latest Lifestream (September 25 2010)

David I know it’s a ladies cut. and it’s 91ยบ outside. And it’s black. Wearing my team-signed @fcGoldPride jersey to practice anyway. Go #FCGP! [dhkeller]. David and they’re dropping like flies. U12G Ultimate players suddenly unavailable tomorrow. Down to one sub. Gonna get creamed. [dhkeller]. David BREAKING: 6yoF just won Clue on the FIRST […]

Latest Lifestream (September 24 2010)

David @agmendenhall While I should never be quoted as an authority, I am expecting an all-female officiating crew for Sunday [dhkeller]. David Not a good start for the goalkeepers. A good save early for both, and then a weak concession from both. @WPSPhilly 1 – 1 @BostonBreakers [dhkeller]. David Ooooh, hadn’t seen that Marta […]

Latest Lifestream (September 23 2010)

David @hes_a_rebel ’bout time! [dhkeller]. David RT @FCGoldPrideGM: @fcgoldpride players calling Season Tix Holders & doing last push for renewals. If U want ST, call 888-541-3511 and … [dhkeller]. David two reasons I didn’t watch Nitty’s Shark meltdown: 1) Preseason games don’t matter; 2) neither do first 60 of the 82 regular season games […]

Latest Lifestream (September 22 2010)

David Tonight’s options: FCGP team BBQ, SJUSD Supt Mtg, SJ Sharks Teal & White … chose school fundraiser at Aqui, which is bizonkers! [dhkeller]. David My alarm didn’t go off five minutes ago like it was supposed to. Good thing I’ve been unable to sleep since 4:30 ;-( [dhkeller]. Fcgoldpride off [KarenMKeller]. David yikes. […]