Latest Lifestream (October 31 2010)

David @CouchTarts Hamburger = Pizza !! [dhkeller]. David @CouchTarts @RideAPoni Absolutely epic from Murray. Insanity in the building [dhkeller]. David @portlanddad I never would’ve gotten permission either. Outside excuse of a Stanley Cup "playoff beard" led to her suggesting I keep it [dhkeller]. David Your stories of buying Halloween candy too early and eating […]

Happy Halloween!

Somehow we missed pictures of the cousins together in their costume, but we did grab a good shot of them at our annual family pumpkin carving adventure.

For the record, they were dressed (from left to right) as a Flying Monkey, Elphaba from Wicked, and a Rubber Duckie. You’ll just have to use your imagination. […]

Latest Lifestream (October 30 2010)

David 11yoJ’s first jack-o’lantern 6yoF the season [dhkeller]. David How’s this for sanity? 11yoJ’s U12 Ultimate soccer game is at 10:15, perfectly timed for minimal live viewing of #Rally4Sanity [dhkeller]. David U12 Ultimate with an even match-up, pulled out the 3-2 win with some well-placed 2nd Half shots. Nice assist from 11yoJ on […]

Latest Lifestream (October 29 2010)

David @dishnetwork Any update. Even more challenging with channel CSN-CA swaps and JIPs. No consistent titling or info for NHL games for Dish Pass [dhkeller]. David almost a nice call? … RT @katetscott is it time for OOOribe to put one OVER the fence? #yesplease #sfgiants [dhkeller]. David Watching the #WorldSeries with an eye […]

Latest Lifestream (October 28 2010)

David it’s baseball and it’s the playoffs. So nothing will happen for about 30 minutes while I finish the carpool, right? [dhkeller]. David It would appear the director of the middle school play is not an #SFGiants fan. Practice ended at 5p. Let the kids go home! [dhkeller]. David Not baseball fans, but we […]

Latest Lifestream (October 27 2010)

David Rotaplast in Oaxaca, Mexico – Continuing our club’s ongoing appreciation for Rotaplast International, today’s speake… [dhkeller]. David Now that we are older, Girls are visiting our fave Pumpkin Patch at night. Moreland Woods in SJ [dhkeller]. David Here, let me help. The starter should be Nittymakki … RT @MercSharks #Sharks still […]

Latest Lifestream (October 26 2010)

David RT @metronewspaper: SJ Mayor Reed calls for for an end to the “lying, cheating and lawbreaking” by union bosses against Measures V and W … [dhkeller]. David RT @Krewell: Dear Texas – tonight’s Cowboy game was a precursor to the World Series. Get used to being beat by teams named "Giants." [dhkeller]. David […]

Latest Lifestream (October 25 2010)

How much money do you start Monopoly with? [KarenMKeller]. David Was having a great weekend ’til I sat down to watch that #Sharks game. At least Niemi was terrible early, so I could high-speed through it. [dhkeller]. David 6yoF still loves Setoguchi! [dhkeller]. […]

Latest Lifestream (October 23 2010)

David three years ago, I bought one ticket online for Sharks game at @NHLFlames. Calgary just sent an email with tickets available. Should I go? [dhkeller]. David so @BooksinWAT doesn’t start until tomorrow, but my GPS says I walked 3.36 miles today just setting up on campus. Do I get credit for that? [dhkeller]. […]