Latest Lifestream (November 30 2010)

David @ATTNicole Thanks, but can’t DM? … <a href="”> … [dhkeller]. David oh my. So many jokes, so few characters … RT @wyshynski New Puck Daddy: Blue Jackets stand up for new phallic mascot [dhkeller]. David @whimsicalwalney +1 what @souplantation said. Emails are fairly low-key, usually best deal (although they have been dropping […]

Latest Lifestream (November 29 2010)

David Beautiful sunny day @SugarBowl1939 and 6yoF got some great runs in. Made it to the coveted (if too flat) Xmas Tree lift. [dhkeller]. Awesome day @sugarbowl1939. Gorgeous blue sky, amazing snow, and both girls rode really well. [KarenMKeller]. David #USWNT Venues for WWC 2011 Germany … RT @jenna_awk Women’s World Cup venues of […]

Latest Lifestream (November 28 2010)

David @OhMySwed3 Me too, although pretty cool it works in both languages. Was awesome when Dennis Leach sang in French when Montreal played Sharks [dhkeller]. David @ussoccer_wnt Possibly the whole family, if planets align … RT @ussoccer_wnt Party in the USA! Who is going to Germany next summer? [dhkeller]. David Whatever: "Tedford plans to […]

Latest Lifestream (November 27 2010)

David shared 3 photos. Snowshoes at Donner Memorial State Park Walking on water at Donner Memorial State Park Snowball-throwing Vuvuzela David apparently, @KarenMKeller was bragging just the other day about how we never put chains on the Volvo. Now we know who jinxed it [dhkeller]. David Shame on Dish … RT @CSNSharks Dish Network […]

Latest Lifestream (November 26 2010)

David Dinner almost ready. 6yoF: "It’s funny how everyone is working, but when you glance over at Grandpa, he’s sleeping." [dhkeller]. David @katiemarx You *MUST* totally do the "Goal de Alex Morgan" sign. Not a jinx, but a celebration of her goal that put everything back on track [dhkeller]. David @OhMySwed3 not that you […]

Latest Lifestream (November 25 2010)

@lfletche Did you turn on all the heaters and/or start a fire? [KarenMKeller]. @lfletche turn on heaters in bedrooms too. [KarenMKeller]. @lfletche for fire, pull handle under fireplace door out toward you to open vent. Then put a piece of wood in stove. [KarenMKeller]. @lfletche get a firestarter block out of pantry and set […]

Latest Lifestream (November 24 2010)

David Might move to WA in 2013 … RT @californiabeat Sec State approves petition Arizona-style initiative 2012 ballot. Bee: [dhkeller]. David Yesterday, 6yoF sang "Californication" by Red Hot Chili Peppers out loud. Today, it was "End of the World" by REM. Jokes write themselves! [dhkeller]. David @Mint & @USAA once again are refusing […]

Latest Lifestream (November 23 2010)

David @ryankuder First of all: that looks just like mine, so keep it. … 2nd: Isn’t there only one person who votes anyway, @akuder ? [dhkeller]. David waiting for official (not "pending) from @SugarBowl1939? RT @TahoeNorth Lake Tahoe Gets 6.5′ Snow, Ski Resorts Open [dhkeller]. David website still vague, but @SugarBowl1939‘s FB acct […]

Latest Lifestream (November 22 2010)

The Ultimate won their mud battle this morning 1-0. 2nd game delayed 3 hours & moved to turf field. Full & fun weekend of soccer. [KarenMKeller]. David It took many more hours than expected, but the Ultimate Soccer season has come to a close, with a clean sheet in both games (1-0-1 today)! [dhkeller]. […]